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Advice On Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationship Couple

Whether you met someone online and decided to date on long distance terms or your partner is moving away, and you have to try the long-distance relationship, there is a general fact that you must know, long distance relationships are hard.

There are so many reasons why you should avoid a long distance relationship if you want your relationship to last. Of course, there are many cases that couples can survive a long distance relationship but, in most cases, if you are not planning to join your partner and move to where they are, there is a big chance that your relationship is going to fail.

Long distance relationship problem/solution

When you start to date someone that you have yet not met, you are going to face some challenges. You will face the same challenges when you move to another location from your partner. Here we are going to name the problems and tell you what you can do about it.

Trust issues: One of the most important aspects of every relationship is trust. Without trusting your partner your relationship cannot survive even one day. And if you stay in a relationship where there is no trust, you are going to suffer this toxic relationship so much and most of the time it has long-term effects on people. It is important for you to gain each other’s trust.

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You cannot just give your trust to a person that hasn’t earned it yet. You have to make sure that you can trust a person and from then just leave everything that might worry you about your relationship. When you meet someone online and want to get to know them, you have to realize that texting or voice messaging someone or even video calling is not something you can use to trust a person.

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So, this process is going to be a lot more difficult as it is for people who live close to each other. And if you cannot trust someone who is not even close to you, it can cause different paranoia, like, you are going to constantly think your partner is cheating on you. Again, you will enter a toxic relationship which is not going to last or benefit you.

Solution: If you are trying to settle down and you are looking through your options, it is totally okay to have a long distance relationship with someone. But there are things that you must do to make sure if the relationship with this person is going to work for you or not.

You can open your calendar and ask your partner to do the same and pick some days in a month so you can get to meet that person face to face and get to know them.

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If you are already in a serious relationship and your partner has moved away from you, most probably you already trust them and if you do not trust them, your relationship is no different than a new one, so if you want to stay with your partner, you have to start over.

Communication: Without communication, there can be a lot of misunderstandings that can damage your relationship. When you are in a long distance relationship you have to put extra effort into communicating with your partner.

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Communication is already difficult when you are talking face to face with your partner, so, if you cannot see them for a while, communication can cause some troubles. Another aspect of this problem is the time difference. If you are living in two totally different time zones, then you can face some challenges.

When you are up and want to talk your partner might be tired or sleeping. This is usually interpreted as a lack of compassion and can make you upset.

Solution: When you want to talk to your partner over a call or text message, remember to make time for it. It is important that you make time for it, especially if you are fighting or arguing about something. Generally arguing over a phone call can be exhausting.

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So, if there is also the time difference issue, you want to make sure that when you are trying to solve a problem, you give it your full attention.

Missing out the important events: When you love someone, you want to be there for them in their happiness and sadness. When couples start a long distance relationship there is going to be some changes in the things they can share or the way they share them, for example, if your partner has got a promotion at work and wants to celebrate with you, you might not be able to be there for them.


Or if they are having a hard time, again you cannot leave your life and go to them no matter how much you want to.

Solution: Unless there is an unexpected situation, try to plan ahead. Plan to surprise your partner on his/her birthday. Plan to be there for them for certain celebrations. And if something happens that they need your support, if you cannot fly to them, you can try to communicate with them more than before, through your phone.

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These are only some of the problems that you might be having if you go into a long distance relationship. It is advised that only when you are serious about a relationship, agree to this term because otherwise, you are just wasting each other’s time while there can be so many other options for you where you live. But if you are serious in your relationship and you think it is worth it, then by putting an equal effort you can survive this and move on to the next step of your relationship.

Advice On Long Distance Relationships

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