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There are a lot of unique yet interesting things that happens all around the world. And obviously, no one of you would know all of them. But, wait, there’s great news for you guys. This post contains the most interesting facts from all around the world. So, scroll down and read some really interesting facts that you must know.

· The deepest postbox in the world is in Susami Bay in Japan. It’s about 10 meters submerged.

· The oldest condoms ever found were made in 1640s using the intestines of fishes and animals.

· The longest time difference between twins to be born was about 87 days.

· Just like our fingerprints, every person has a unique tongue print as well.

· The first pizza home delivery was ordered in 1889 by the Queen of Italy named Margherita Savoy.

· In Portugal, writing with the red ink or red color is considered rude.

· The 10% of total bones in a cat’s body is available in its tail.

· It is said that the iron in our blood & the calcium in our bones come from ancient explosions of some huge stars.

· Jellyfishes are also known as jellies as they don’t have heart, brain or bones.

· The giant salamander in China can grow up to 6 ft long and is the largest salamander in the whole world.

· According to the scientists, the perfect time to take a nap is between 1 to 2:30 p.m. due to the reason that at that time, a dip in body temperature makes people feel sleepy.

· A day, at the times of the dinosaur’s existence, was 23 hours long due to the reason that the Earth’s rotation speed changes with the time.

· The sun is so large in size that it would take upto 100 Earths, lined up in order to cover the front of the sun.

· The bones in the human thighs are considered stronger than the concrete.

· At night, hamsters are able to run up to 8 miles on the wheel.

· There is a waterfall located in Hawaii that sometimes goes up instead of coming down.

· Saturn has such low density that it can float easily in the water.

· More than a thousand planets are found by the scientists outside of our solar system.

· A normal human breathes about 8,409,600 times each year.

· In order to produce just one pound of honey, a honey bee have to visit about 2 million flowers.

· A cockroach brain is inside its body, that is the reason that they can live even with their head cut off.

· The Nile crocodile is able to easily hold its breath for 2 hours under the water while waiting for prey.

· A human body contains upto 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

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