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Animals That Are Most Likely To Become Extinct In Future

                Earth has up to one million known animal species and each kind of specie have its own specialty and beauty. There are a lot of such animals that are most likely to become extinct in the coming years but people don’t really know about them. This article contains the list of all those animals along with some useful information about them. So, scroll down and check them out.

1. Mountain Gorilla:

There are about 700 mountain gorillas left due to the continuous wars in central Africa. In order to save them it’s essential to discover practical methods for cultivating and to stop the charcoal harvesting.

2. Hawksbill Turtle:

In spite of the fact that Hawksbill turtles made comeback in some recent years but still they are one of those that get caught in fishing nets and are eaten by individuals who thinks that their eggs are a delicacy. In order to save them from becoming extinct, we have to encourage the authorization of harsher laws against eating or hunting the hawksbills turtles along with different other sea animals.
3. Amur Leopards:

It was found that just around 35 Amur Leopard exist on the planet today while few of them are left in the wild because of loss of living space and to save from poachers who want to kill them in order to make garment items.

4. Ganges River Dolphins:

These incredible and totally blind dolphins live in the rivers of Nepal, Bangladesh & India. They are well known for their staggeringly long noses, they are one of just four dolphins that are able to thrive in the fresh water one of which has already become extinct.

5. Proboscis Monkey:

These interesting types of monkey that lives just on the island of Borneo, are well known for their large noses and bellies. These characteristics given them the name of “Dutch monkey” as well. The number of inhabitants in these extraordinary monkeys has dropped half in the previous 40 years because of deforestation.

6. Sumatran elephant:

With more Sumatran forests converting due to agricultural purposes, Sumatran elephants have confronted a great loss. A study made in 2007 demonstrated that there were fewer than 2,800 Sumatran elephants left in the wild.

7. Pangolins:

Pangolins were the most exceedingly trafficked creatures on the planet, especially in most of the parts of Asia. The scales and meat of Pangolins are generally utilized as a part of society cures. However, it is evaluated that between 2011 and 2013, more than 200,000 were killed.

8. South China Tigers:

The South China Tigers may not be any left in the wild and are very close to become extinct. A large number of these tigers were killed by the Chinese government.

9. Saolas:

Saolas were first discovered in the year 1992 and now, they are in threat of becoming extinct. This is due to their very low population which is as low as a couple of dozen, principally because of environment misfortune and hunting.

10. Javan Rhino:

The Javan rhino has just a few populaces of any rhinoceros species. Only 35 still lives in the wild because of catastrophic events.

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