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Cats vs Dogs – The Pros and Cons of Each

cat and dog

Cats and dogs sure are fun to have around the house. There are myriad good reasons why they are top-choices as pets. Each comes with its own distinct advantages and then there’s also a flip side to consider.

Depending on your likes, dislikes and personality type, dogs, cats or both can be the four-legged furry you want around and in your life. Do cats or dogs make the ‘best‘ pets? Below are some cats vs. dogs differences that highlight the contrast.

Demonstrative Kind Of Love

dog love

Most dogs are huge love bugs. And they don’t shy away from demonstrating how loved, important and special you are. Your dog will basically adore you and for your tail-wagger, you can’t do anything wrong.

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Cats also show you some deep, deep love, but it comes tinged with a characteristic nonchalance. For your dog, you are at the center of the universe. This can make them needy, as in; they need you to be around. If ‘busy’ and ‘out’ are your everyday reality, this neediness can lead to guilt trips and can pose a problem. 

On the other hand, your pet cat will snooze and be content with the way things are when you are out and will offer you love and companionship when you get back.

Make Room For Furry

furry cat

Cats need less space than dogs do. They are in a blissful state when sitting at the window or dozing on furniture. Dogs need more room to walk around. They need more space when sprawled out on furniture.

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But when you want what you want, space constraints can’t get in the way, and small living spaces can be compensated with longer walks for your dog. This brings us to an important and essential cats vs dogs point.

Time For A Walk

dog walk

Dogs need more exercise and they love their walks. Getting a dog can be a health-enhancing decision as you get some exercise as you walk your dog. Getting one also may help enhance your social life and bring you social opportunities, as you are likely to cross paths with others who want to befriend your ‘cute’ dog.

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Cats don’t need to be walked. They get all the exercise they need from stretching and walking around the house. A litter box is one of the cat essentials. You can let your cat out if you have a yard, but cats have predators, a high traffic area or dogs in the block that may chase cats are points that make it safer for cats to stay indoors.

Cats are the prime choice when mobility issues or other factors require the loving companionship of an indoor pet.

Keep It Down

dog barking

Most dog breeds will bark, either frequently or when something triggers a spell of barking. Happy barks will greet you at the door when you get home from work or from running errands. Outdoor noise or door bells ringing may also trigger barking. This means the noise can disturb sleeping babies, you and even the neighbors.

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Your cat will also most likely greet you at the door when you get back. They will meow and purr to express their pleasure and contentment and will snarl when upset. They never are on guard-duty, guarding you and your property from perceived threats.

Cats offer companionship that is quiet and comforting, the question of noise and disturbance is always out of the picture.

Buck It Up

Feeding dogs can cost you more as they require larger portions of food. Even small dog breeds are most likely to consume more food that a cat would. Treats and toys add to the cost of owning a dog.

Cats cost less money to feed as they eat smaller portions, although your choice of dog or cat food ultimately determines the overall cost of nourishing your pet.

The Entertainment Factor

cat and dog entertainment

Dogs and cats are intelligent, but the difference between them is that most dogs can be trained to perform tricks. They will learn to shake hands (paws) if you train them; they are up for a boisterous game of fetch.

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Cats don’t learn these, but they can entertain you with their funny antics. They will get on the key board and walk all over it as you type away at an assignment. They will sit on the assignment you are completing and the same, if it’s a book you are reading, all this to get your attention.

Concluding words

Whether you choose to get a cat or a dog, each merits a long-term view as the commitment to have and look after a pet spans over several years. Dogs can be more of a responsibility than cats, as they can require more work to be maintained in a healthy state.

Dogs need more looking after, whereas cats can be content on their own and can be left on their own for longer periods during the day. Considering your own lifestyle and how things will be further down the line are important considerations when choosing between a cat and a dog as your pet.

Either ways, the joys of owning a cat or a dog are too many to count and this makes it all well worth it.

Cats vs Dogs - The Pros and Cons of Each


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