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Dark Traits of Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini is symbolized by the twins and ruled by Mercury – a planet that is believed to be the trickiest of all. People born under the Gemini zodiac sign are believed to have a dual nature, as they display a duality of sorts.

The dark Gemini twin can be temperamental, careless, unpredictable, deceitful, gossipy, and quick tempered. At their worst, they can display such an extreme of erratic and volatile behavior that people might start wondering if they are actually suffering from any mental disease. If Gemini’s goes to their darkest side, their behavior can show bipolar and sociopathic – like tendencies.

· Lack of Empathy – Although, most Gemini’s tend to intellectualize their feelings, but when the dark side of this sign emerges the Gemini fails to empathize with other people or feel any guilt for their actions.

· Manipulation – The dark side of Gemini makes them capable to manipulate the emotions of other people by creating a false friendly and caring persona.

· Compulsive Liars – Dark Gemini’s are outright liars, as they have a tendency to exaggerate and twist the truth.

· Gossipy – A dark Gemini will gossip about you behind your back and even spread false rumors about you. But, on your face they will only shower you with compliments.

· Create Drama – A dark Gemini has a habit of creating chaos and drama by double speaking and playing one individual against the other. They like to play games with people around, as they enjoy creating a drama out of such situations.

On the whole, like all zodiac signs, Gemini too has a positive and negative dimension to their personalities. Where the positive side of Gemini is happy, thoughtful, passionate, versatile, and amusing, the dark side of Gemini is scheming, deceptive, and full of mischief.

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