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Dark Traits of Leo Zodiac Sign

Dark Traits of Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo is one of the most dramatic of all zodiac signs. People born under the Leo sign love to flaunt their love for grand and flashy possessions. Leos are quite good, but when their dark side comes to the forefront, they can turn out to be one of the nastiest human beings. The dark side of Leo emerges whenever they feel that their self-esteem has been hurt. Leos are quite self-centered that makes them believe that the world revolves around them only. Check out the dark traits of Leo that convert them into a totally different being –

· Self-Centered – Leos can be self-centered to an extent that would make them forget about what others might be wanting from a particular situation. They can be selfish and materialistic, and only think about what they want.

· Arrogance/Pride – Leos have a very prominent streak of arrogance in their personalities. Due to their stubborn pride, they think and act as if they are superior from others in every way.

· Short Tempered – Leos can feel hurt at the drop of a hat and become angry about it. Their short temperedness stems out of their super sensitive ego. So, whenever they feel that their self-esteem has been hurt, they lose their composure and bring out their ferocious side.

· Jealousy – Leos are competitive in nature, so every time someone outshines them in any way, they are ought to feel jealous about it. Apart from this, it is the desire for grand and flashy things in the Leo that makes them feel jealous from their rivals.

· Controlling – Leos can have a tendency to boss around people and show that they are superior to them in all ways, with no questions being asked for their authority.

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