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Dark Traits of Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Dark Traits of Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Men and women born under the zodiac sign Scorpio are one of the most passionate and strong willed individuals out of all other sun signs. Scorpio has a magnetic charm that makes them effortlessly grab the limelight wherever they go. Apart from being passionate and intelligent, Scorpios are also the most possessive and secretive of all zodiac signs. Take a look at the personality traits of Scorpio that bring out the dark side in them –

· Jealous Streak – One of the most prominent negative traits of people born under the astrological sign Scorpio is their jealous streak. Scorpios tend to be quite jealous, and it is this jealousy that makes them lose their peace of mind most of the time, along with disturbing their equation with people close to them.

· Secretive – It is very difficult to find out as to what is actually going on in the mind of a Scorpio. Scorpios have a great difficulty in trusting people, and as a result they end up being so secretive about their inner most feelings and life.

· Full of Resent – If you have ever hurt a Scorpio, it is quite likely that person still holds resentful feelings against you. Scorpios are super sensitive and this is why they easily get hurt by negative words or behavior towards them. Once hurt, the Scorpio will never forget what you did to them, and even might find a way to get even with you.

· Dominating & Manipulative – Despite being extremely sensitive and charming, Scorpio men and women can be quite dominating and manipulative at the same time. They know how to get things done the way they want, as no emotions can stop them from hindering their determination to get the things that they want.

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