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Dark Traits of Taurus Zodiac Sign

Dark Traits of Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus people are known to be very loyal and reliable in their friendships or love affairs. Being a fixed earth sign, they are highly grounded people, with a strong sense of self. They are ruled by Venus, which makes them sensual as well as firm.

The Taurus is represented by the bull. If you look at the bull in a metaphorical sense, the darker sides of Taurus come into perspective. Just like a bull a Taurus can be plodding, slow and at times scarily angry if meddled with. Some of these characteristics are better explained as of below.

They are creatures of habit
A Taurus is a creature of habit. They like stability and this stability can lead them to get accustomed to a certain lifestyle, where change is unwelcome. They are non-adventurous people and hate surprises. This trait of theirs can often make them boring people to be with, since they don’t experiment with anything new.

All the effort that they might have put into the relationship usually vanishes once they have attained you. Forget bringing flowers or going out on a random date night, a Taurus would rather enjoy sitting at home, on the couch, drinking beer, because that is what they do every day and they likes it.

Gluttony and Sloth
The cardinal sins of a Taurus is gluttony and sloth. Being a bull, they are lazy and have a huge appetite. They cherish food and love to indulge in the delicacies of fine dining. Although known to be a lover of hard work, a Taurus often gives in to laziness.

They are very conscious of their physical attributes but their overwhelming sloth can prove to become the overriding factor.

Selfish people
A Taurus is known to be very possessive about the things that they own. Be it a job, property or their relationship, a Taurus always thinks about themselves first and how whatever they possess makes them happy.

A Taurus is extremely attached with things, often failing to see the other perspective and looking at things solely from their own point of view. This can make them selfish which is a flawed trait to have.


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