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Dark Traits of Virgo Zodiac Sign

Dark Traits of Virgo Zodiac Sign

A Virgo is one of the most mature signs in the Zodiac. They are known to be rational and intelligent people, with a wise and humble attitude. They are modest beings who care deeply about other people and always want to help them. Virgo is the sixth sign in the Zodiac family and is represented by a virgin.

Although perfect human beings, this tendency for perfection can prove to be detrimental for the Virgo. Their darker side is an amalgamation of many frailties which can often prove to be intense. Some of these characteristics are mentioned below.

A Virgo believes in doing everything perfectly. If not done in that manner, a Virgo doesn’t really believe that they are doing anything properly at all. They are very orderly people, obsessed with cleanliness and precision.

They have a keen eye for all the imperfections that they have and this can lead to them becoming overly critical about themselves. The judgment of other people is a high priority for a Virgo and it is this very reason that they believe in doing everything perfectly, so as to avoid criticism.

Virgos are very hardworking people with an immaculate sense of practicality. They understand the value of money and have this huge insecurity about a future where they might need these funds. Owing to this insecurity they tend to splurge less and can come across as miserly.

They have a great count of money and spend exactly the amount that they need to or are liable to pay.

Being perfectionists and over thinkers, some Virgo people can become hypochondriacs, excessively concerned about germs and diseases. This anxiety can become so overwhelming that they might start avoiding public places for the fear of contacting a deadly disease.

The slightest hint of a malady makes them start looking up for related symptoms or cures on the internet, in the fear that it might turn out to be something deadly. This compulsive behavior is the greatest health hazard that a Virgo possesses.


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