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Easy and Effective Ways to Cope With Depression

We all feel sadness, feeling down and having a loss of interest or pleasure at some point in our life. That is somewhat normal as it depicts natural human behavior but, what if these states are persistent and affect our life substantially, it means we are depressed.

Depression means that you are mentally upset; it is also characterized as a mood disorder. The average length of depressive chapter may vary from 6-8 months. In our daily routines we may feel frustrated, reluctant, mood swings as a result of the loss of job, faces failures not only in exams but also in relationships, it doesn’t mean we are depressed unless these feelings are persistent for a long period of time and also affect your mental, physical and psychological health.

A person that is depressed not only destroys their physical and social life but also attempts to take their own lives.

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Most Common causes of depression include some combination of factors:
· Genetics factors.
· Biological factors like changes in neurotransmitter levels.
· Psychological and social factors.
· Environmental factors.

A person may be at high risk than another due to risk factors that are life events, personality disorder, life trauma, childhood trauma, drug abuse, a past head injury and chronic pain disorder. Latest studies found that depression is more common in women than men.

Now the important thing is that you should first observe yourself to see whether you are depressed: we describe the most common symptoms of continuously depressed mood.

· Low appetite.
· Unintentional weight loss.
· Hyper insomnia (excessive sleeping) or insomnia (difficulty in sleeping).
· Feeling fatigue.
· Guilt feeling.
· Repeatedly thinking of death.

Now we come to remedies to cope with depression. If you are in starting phase or are in a mild state of depression then the best solution is self-help remedies.

To avoid this mental disorder follow some tips:
Always talk about your feelings and daily routine to your close friend or some family member that you rely on. Try to volunteer for someone else as you feel good. Do things that you enjoy most like: outing, go out with friends.

Involve yourself in extracurricular activities like make a hobby, do creative things that appeal you most, painting… Take great care of your health. Never skip your meal. Most common reason of depression is inadequate sleep. Sleep for minimum 8 hours daily.

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Adopt some relaxation technique like: try yoga, muscle relaxation. Do exercise routinely to keep healthy and boost your mood. Always try to fight with negative thoughts, try to encourage yourself by giving you a demo of what you achieved and what are you going to achieve. Always motivate yourself by reading some depression cases on the internet.

Whenever you feel frustrated try to fill this blank.
I am frustrated or angry because ______________________
I feel okay if ____________________
what can I do about it________________________

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If you find it difficult to cope with depression by following these steps then, it is highly recommended to consult with psychologist as soon as possible. Thankfully depression has a diagnosis and you will be recovered from it.

Easy and Effective Ways to Cope With Depression

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