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Google Tools Every Content Marketer Should Use


As a content marketer you have to successfully deliver your strategy to a possible or an actual customer and to be able to receive a positive feedback, by making your business more popular.

Many see Google as being a merely huge company that holds the google search engine. However, let me make it more surprising, by saying that Google has many technologies besides the search engine.

Google Search

Google has developed many tools that allow a content marketer make his job ten times better. No matter if you are a professional or not, you should all know about these 10 google tools every content marketer should use.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Have you always been really curious how to monitor your website traffic in the fastest way? Google analytics has come to your rescue! Google analytics is a web service that allows you to see your website traffic.

Included are many other statistical tools that allow you to understand the customer who lands on your page, helping you to know when and how to reach to him.

Google Adsense

Google adsense takes care of your content, in terms of publicity and business. It is a program which enables the easy display of ads, namely advertisements which bring back profit. These ads can be based on the concept of “per click” or “per impression”.

Google adsense is a smart program which allows you to display various types of ads on your page and has some really interesting features. You may also display ads based on the most searched content of your page.

Google Adwords: Keyword Planner

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the tool that is free at first, but expensive afterwards. However, it is worth the money, because you can decide how to promote your services and products when a certain user types something related to your offer in the google search.

Once the user clicks on your website or calls you, you are asked to pay for the efficiency of this publicity service.

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It sounds quite smart and helpful, am I right?

Google Books

Google books is a great service, not only because it stores full text books and works, but also because it lets a content marketer, who is in the book industry, to promote his book and have an easier access to the possible customers. It keeps getting better!

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Everybody gets busy and forgets things. Some of you have an assistant who keeps track of your work, but most of us don’t. Therefore, we rely on our sole responsibility and sometimes we fail.

Google calendar is the one that will keep track of your appointments, events, tasks and all you have to do. You can write, you can set, you can share, you can organize, and you can do whatever you want.

It is an awesome tool that makes it harder for you to get out of an events with the excuse ‘I’m really sorry, but I forgot because I got really busy’. You can set alarms and you will be always on time!

Google Docs

Google docs is an awesome tool that keeps track of your documents. It is the only tool of text editing that allows many users to share it in the real life and modify at the same time. Your content and documents are safe here, and you can always come back to it without fearing that it got lost!

Google Translate

Google Translate

A content marketer often gets on websites that are in a foreign language and this is stopping him from learning something that might help him from that certain website. Luckily, google has developed google translate, which can translate websites. Your work has just been made easier!

Google Trends

Keywords play a major part in social media. Everything happens around them, because these are the ones that are able to boost your content’s performance. Google trends presents you with the latest or not latest trends and the most looked for keywords.

Quite a game changer!

Google My Business

Google My Business

Up your business with this tool. The latter helps you to get your business listing on google and provides the customer with your phone number, address and others.

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By using this tool, you will be able to let your customer know who you are and where to find you if needed. More than that, you can also display some customer reviews and what makes you unique by showing some images.


We have seen until now that Google has everything. However, another great tool is gmail. An email service that has a great interface and is really intuitive. Online communication is facilitated through this tool, making it easier to keep score of your conversations.

Your job will never be complicated again!

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Google Tools Every Content Marketer Should Use


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