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How To Achieve The Kardashian Pout Without Surgery

Kim Kardashian Pout

Bigger and fuller lips are something every woman wishes to have. Family Kardashian is well known for their beautiful and super full lips that we all wonder how to get. Most of the Kardashian family members have decided to get a surgery, instead we will teach you how to achieve that famous pout without any kind of surgery at all.

Why would you struggle with a surgery or injections when there are a lot different ways to get bigger and fuller lips?

For all of you that have thought of a surgery, do not do it, here are some awesome tips that will help you achieve the Kardashian pout with ease and no pain at all!

Did you know that only a dab of honey will be enough to achieve bigger and fuller lips? Honey is a great way simply because it actually keeps your lips moisturized.


In case you did not know, the hydration of your lips will result in them becoming naturally fuller, without any surgeries at all!

Not only you can use cinnamon in your kitchen, it is also great way towards achieving that lovely Kardashian pout everyone speaks of. Add up a mixture of olive oil and cinnamon together and gently apply it on your lips. This mixture is known to be a natural irritant and it will give your lips a tender and soft feeling afterwards, resulting in bigger and fuller lips.

For those who have never tried this before, just give it a try. Put some ice on your lips and it will compress your blood vessels in order to make your lips look plump and red. This will not last for a long time, but it is a simple and less painful way than a surgery for sure!

Try exfoliating your lips with sugar and coconut oil, this process will increase the blow flow to your lips, leaving you with awesome Kardashian pout you always wished to have. This lovely process not only smells great, it actually lasts for quite long time and gives you the volume and rosy color that everyone truly loves!

Brush off the flakes
Everyone knows that flaky lips reflect a lot less light than usually. Get rid of these annoying flakes and brush them lightly with a toothbrush you will use for only that purpose. This entire process takes only a couple of minutes and it boosts circulation in your lips, resulting in bigger and rosy lips.

You can actually fake larger canvas! Gently pat concealer onto your lips and spread it a little bit all over your lip line.


This makes your lipstick go closer to the color that tube has and most importantly, it will make your lips look a lot bigger.

Yes, Kylie is known for doing this and it is actually one of the ways that can last an entire day. Make sure you use a lip liner that will actually match your lipstick. The process is really simple and all it takes is a calm hand.

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Overdraw your lip line just slightly outside your natural lip line, fill the rest of your lips with a lipstick or just use that same lip liner to fill them up.

Different Nude Lip Colors
This one is a real magical trick if you ask us! Apply one shade all over your mouth and the lighter color in the middle of your lips. Gently tap your lips after the application and look at the miracle happening. Your lips will look fuller, bigger and healthier than ever! Pretty awesome way to achieve the Kardashian pout, don’t you think?!

Lip Balms
The markets are full of lip balms that help you moisturize and hydrate your lips. The proper lip balm can do some real miracles on your way towards the bigger and fuller lips.

lip balm

Lip balms in color might be a great way because not only they will help you achieve the Kardashian pout, they will actually help you get healthier lips than ever!

“It came from an insecurity and I turned it into something. I was insecure about my lips, and lipstick is what helped me feel confident. And I feel like people could see that it’s authentic to me, and it was organic, and it just worked!” – Kylie Jenner

Are you also one of the people who just love big and full lips as we do? Have you tried out any of these tips and what are your opinions? Is the Kardashian pout really worth getting a surgery when you can have it all natural way?!

How To Achieve The Kardashian Pout Without Surgery

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