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How To Create The Perfect Natural Makeup Look

Perfect Natural Makeup Look

Makeup is actually one of the most important parts of any outfit. It is a stylish, fancy and versatile way to disguise little flaws, to enhance the way our clothes and accessories look, and to overall help you achieve the style you want, as long as you know how to properly mix colors, different layers of makeup and applying techniques with the rest of your outfit.

One of the most popular styles of makeup today in natural makeup look, which aims to make you look as if you were not wearing any makeup at all, instead of really highlighting your makeup choice. If you accomplish a perfect natural makeup look, people will not realize you are wearing makeup unless they look at you from a close distance, and you will look fresh and chic while hiding little signs of ageing or tiny skin flaws at the same time. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect natural makeup look:

1. First, make sure you moisturize your skin

moisturize your skin

While moisturizer is not technically makeup, it is probably one of the most important products that you should use daily on your face regardless of what effect you are trying to achieve, but if you are looking for the perfect natural makeup look, moisturizer becomes even more important.

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By applying a thin layer of moisturizer to your entire face before you start applying your makeup, you will plump and hydrate your skin to make it look healthier and smoother. That way, when you start applying the real makeup, the natural look will look even more natural and amazing.

2. Foundation and foundation primer


Before you go for the foundation, we recommend you apply foundation primer, which has the sole purpose of sort of prepping your skin for the foundation and the rest of the makeup. It is very important that you remember to even out the foundation primer before you move to the next part of this point, since little lumps caused by uneven foundation primer can really ruin your natural makeup look.

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After you have applied the foundation primer, it is time to go for the foundation. Obviously, you should choose a foundation tone that is as close to your natural skin as possible, but a great tip for helping your makeup last longer and look more natural is to stipple the foundation after you have applied it with a flat brush or a blending sponge.

3. Concealer can work miracles if you know how to choose the right one

Concealer is designed to hide dark circles or discoloration in the skin that surrounds your eyes, and it can be either a great ally or your worst enemy. If you don’t choose the right tone of concealer, not only will the skin in the area around your eyes will look more discolored or damaged, but also you certainly won’t be able to achieve a natural makeup look.

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A good place to start when choosing the right concealer for you is two tones lighter than your natural skin tone, but since tones are a somewhat subjective measurement unit, you should try different variations of concealer until you find the perfect one, which will hide your under-eye bags and dark circles without looking greenish or yellowish.

4. Don’t be afraid of using setting powder

Setting powder is a wonderful makeup option for achieving a natural makeup look. You just have to apply the setting powder –which, by the way, can either match the tone of your foundation or be translucent- with a very fluffy and large brush in small amounts over your entire face.

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Setting powder has two benefits in one: first it helps your foundation last longer and prevents it from fading or uneven during the day, and second, it gives your entire look a more natural appearance.

5. Blush and highlighter

Blush and highlighter

Blush and highlighter are amazing options for achieving a natural look since their sole purpose is to emulate natural color and lightning effects on your skin, but you should be careful to use them properly, because when worn excessively, they certainly will give away the fact that you are actually wearing makeup. Here is what you need to do:

First, blush the reddish powder that you apply on your cheekbones to make them look pink and give the appearance of natural blushing, which is insanely cute and makes you look beautiful. However, if you are trying to create a natural makeup look, you should go very, very easy on the blush. The goal is to make it look as if you were blushing for real, not to put a heavy layer and end up with almost red circles in your cheeks.

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And highlighter is similar. It tries to recreate the effect of light illuminating the higher spots of your face, like your nose and your cheekbones. While discrete and small amounts of highlighter can give you an amazing natural look and make your face look even more hydrated and healthy than it is, applying it in heavy layers will certainly ruin your entire makeup, so be careful.

6. Eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss

lip gloss

If you are trying to achieve a natural look, you should choose tones of eye shadow that are close to your natural skin tone and apply them in thin layers –remember that you don’t want people to notice that you are wearing makeup. The same goes for mascara.

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And finally, lip gloss is a better option than lipstick since it gives your lips the appearance of being hydrated and plumped. Go for peach or soft pink tones to complement your entire natural makeup look.

How To Create The Perfect Natural Makeup Look

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