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How Women Ruin Their Marriages

Women Ruin Their Marriages

Marriage is an important aspect of adult life, it should be seen as a lifelong commitment however, sometimes couples do not see eye to eye, and marriage breakdown is inevitable. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the things that women do to ruin their marriages.

Yes men, also play a significant role in destroying marriages but for this article, we will be focusing on the role that women play in marriage breakdown.



Trust is a vital component in any relationship, when you vow to be with someone for the rest of your life, you should enter the marriage believing in and trusting that person.

However, if a woman begins to show signs that she no longer trusts her husband, this can destroy the harmony in the relationship.

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When women constantly question their husbands about where they are going, and who they are going to see, this only creates tension and discord in the marital home. I

f the trust is not rebuilt, the tension will escalate, and this could eventually lead to the total destruction of the marriage.

Harsh Words

shouting harsh words

Harsh words can cut like a knife and destroy the strongest of bonds. Women who constantly use harsh words to demean or belittle their men play a significant role in ruining their marriages. Harsh words cause negative energy to penetrate the marriage, they also create ill feeling within the home.

Therefore, instead of speaking to your husband in a harsh way, be calm and gentle and speak to him with a love and kindness. If your husband hurts you, or does anything to upset you, remember that you have the power to change the way you react to situations.

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Instead of reacting to something with anger and frustration, try listening with an understanding ear, or walk away from the situation until things calm down.

You must also remember that harsh words cannot be taken back, you cannot reverse the negative feelings that these words can bring.

Think carefully before you speak, sometimes it is better to say nothing at all than to speak hastily and say something that could ruin your marriage in the long run.

Try To Change Him


Sometimes women marry the wrong man and hope that over time they can change him. They push the man to act in a certain way, dress according to their standards, eat the food that they want them to eat and generally try and control them or mold them into their version of the perfect man.

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What this does is make the man feel trapped. Over time, this will most certainly have a negative impact on the marriage.

Refuse To Take Responsibility of Her Actions

no responsibility

Relationships work best when both parties accept responsibility for any wrongdoing. When a woman or a man refuses to accept their wrongs and blames the other person for everything that goes wrong in the marriage, this is a surefire way to ruin any marriage.

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The most effective way of resolving issues is to observe where you went wrong and accept responsibility. Apologise and work on the traits in your personality that could be causing conflict in the marriage.

Lack of Communication

no communication

According to Beth Keck from Her View From Home website, lack of communication is one of the top six reasons why marriages fail. Communication is key, whatever you are feeling you should talk to your partner.

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Create space to discuss your feelings and to address any issues that need to be addressed. Bottling your feelings up will only increase issues that exist in your relationship. Make it a priority to make communication paramount in your marriage.

Listening To Her Friends

listening to friends

Marriages are often destroyed because the woman listens to her friends more than she listens to her spouse. Whenever a problem arises, try talking to your partner before you speak to your friends.

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Yes, women do need someone other than their husbands to talk to however, some issues are best kept in the marital home.



Moaning and nagging is another reason why some marriages fail. Instead of making calm, diplomatic requests, women sometimes resort to moaning or nagging which can create unnecessary tension in the home.

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Most men need time and space to think and clear their heads, when women dedicate most of their time to nagging their husband, it often drives a wedge between the married couple.

As a women, try your best to find polite and loving ways of communicating your thoughts or requests.

Allowing Stress To Consume Her


When women allow stress to consume them it can drastically affect their relationships. Stress seeps into every area of your life and causes anger, tension, anxiety and lack of compassion or love.

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Alleviate stress by making time for yourself. Book a massage, manicure or pedicure, take some time to read a good book, watch a movie by yourself, breathe, meditate, do yoga, just release the stress.

Allowing stress to consume you will only have a negative impact on your marriage.

Going Out With Friends All The Time

out with friends

Spending more time with friends than with your spouse is not the best thing you can do for your marriage. It is imperative that you have your own social life as a woman however, neglecting your marriage in favour of hanging out with friends could certainly create problems in your relationship.

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Schedule nights out with the girls, but also schedule ample couple time with hubby to ensure that you keep the connection between yourself and your husband strong.

Thinking She is Right All The Time


Refusing to take your husband’s opinions and thoughts into consideration can affect the dynamics of your marriage. Why? Marriage is a partnership, you have to learn to compromise and work as a team.

If you display a self righteous attitude and refuse to accept that you are not always right, you undermine your husband and you could ultimately contribute to the destruction of your relationship.

This attitude coupled with a multitude of other sins, these are just some of the ways women facilitate the disintegration of their relationships.



Women sometimes compare their relationship to the relationships they see on television or their friends or relative’s relationship. It is important that you understand as a wife, that comparing your relationship to someone else’s will only cause unnecessary conflict between yourself and your husband.

Instead of comparing, learn from others and take relevant tips, ideas and advice, but place all your energy into nurturing and improving your relationship rather than focusing on relationships that do not concern you.

Relationships are difficult at times, maintaining a healthy and loving marriage takes work, dedication and a willing heart. If you recognize that there are problems in your marriage but you refuse to talk things through or come up with solutions to fix them, your marriage will inevitably crumble and wither away.

Think of it like this, you make a decision to purchase a house plant, you are fully aware that house plants need care and attention, they need to be watered and nurtured, but you neglect your plant, your plant will eventually just wither and die. The same could happen to relationships, lack of nurturing, love, compassion and care, could impact the relationship in a negative way.

Remember that in order for your relationship to work, both the man and the woman have to contribute to caring and nurturing the marriage. Marital couples have to work in tandem with each other to give the relationship the space to blossom and thrive.

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How Women Ruin Their Marriages

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