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Nicola Tesla’s Experiments That Changed Your World And You Didn’t Know

                In this article, we are going to review every single great and useful invention that Tesla did in order to be considered one of the most brilliant scientist of all time. However, this man was not as famous as others were, but with the ideas he made, we live our lives better way and maybe you did not notice that.

Nicola Tesla was one of the most important scientists of his time, since he raised many extraordinary ideas that perhaps marked the pattern of the present century.

However, many people do not know who this American scientist of Serbian origins was really, but they do know the utility of all his inventions and so in this article we do a little homage to a great inventor who changed the world and who had experiments that until today may sound very new.

1- Alternating current:

Perhaps it knows the name of Thomas Edison. This scientist held a fight with Nicola Tesla for many years, since both had different perspectives on how the AC should work to give energy to the devices. With the passage of time, the positions of Edison prevailed however, at the moment it is ensured that the system of alternating current that proposed Nicola tesla is the one that provides generation and distribution of electricity in all the North America at present, since unlike Edison’s, it did not have the production of dangerous sparks from its converters.

2- Electrical light:

It is important to clarify that Nicola Tesla was not the scientist who invented light. However, from his theory on the alternating current, a formula where light harnessed and distributed through a coil could be achieved, starting from the theory that the earth is a magnet that can generate electricity.

3- Remote control:

Yes, people! Thanks to this man, you have a remote control on your television or any other device that requires it. In this sense, it must be said that this invention was patented in 1898 and consisted of a remote control command where the electronic device used performs a remote operation, which starred many advances in modern science and allow us today to change of channel without rising from the sofa, thanks again Tesla.

4. Robotics:

Nicola Tesla was a great scientist who proposed that all living beings move is only through external impulses, so he proposed in his time that humans could also have this type of properties in their body, which began the studies of this field of science that has made so much progress in the current century.

5- Laser:

Undoubtedly, Nicola Tesla invented one of the best elements that helps man to have a better quality of life; the laser. This invention has served to improve the current digital media as well as the efficiency of surgical surgeries, which is why many women are better off thanks to this invention!

6 – Wireless communications:

The principle of digital communication proposed by Tesla was because energy could travel long distances without being interrupted, so that it could move from one place to another and propitiate the energy needed for humanity. However, this invention was stopped by JP Morgan, because that would mean that if Tesla developed this project on a large scale, there could currently be free internet around the world, this of course does not interest the system.

7- Harnessing the ionosphere:

This was perhaps one of the best inventions Tesla could patent during his career, since it meant that if you could manipulate the electric charges of the ionosphere, the resulting current could be transmitted by various antennas to give electricity free to the whole planet. Nevertheless, as we have told you before, this is not an interest subject to the system.

On the other hand, this latest invention could be the beginning of what is now known as the HAARP project. Do you know what HAARP is?

Undoubtedly, Tesla was a great scientist and responsible for the existence of many alternatives to have energy in inhospitable places on the planet and at the same time, the possibility of having a free and communicated world. However, this is not in the interest of the system, so we are glad that you have known Nicola Tesla a little better.Nicola Tesla’s Experiments That Changed Your World And You Didn’t Know

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