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Prashar Lake Trek: Journey to the Enigmatic Blue Waters

In the middle of the Himalayas, is this pretty blue lake which particularly offers you with a journey full of nature’s beauty, which generally is fairly significant. Prashar Lake Trek really is an escape for all those who are looking for a way to actually get away from the chaos of generally modern world, or so they really thought. The breathtaking landscapes along with the emerald-coloured waters definitely fill your soul and actually take you for an unforgettable journey physically, mentally and spiritually, or so they actually thought.

The trek in a nutshell

This lake mostly is hidden in the Kullu valley of the state of mountains i.e. Himachal Pradesh. It is at a height of 2730 meters above sea level and it for the most part is surrounded by green meadows and dense forests in a subtle way. The phenomenon which for all intents and purposes makes this sort of more attractive essentially is its floating island, it is seen to definitely be changing positions all round the year and the reason for which really is known till date in a pretty big way. It also mostly holds a for all intents and purposes religious implication and there really is a temple on its edge dedicated to the rumored sage who kind of is specifically believed to be behind the formation of the lake.

Starting the journey

This trek begins from the Baggi village which serves as the base camp for the trekkers, which is fairly significant. The route used for trekking essentially is marked and said to for the most part be medium in level of difficulty, it definitely is suitable for all levels of people trekking, or so they particularly thought. You will generally go through paths which specifically take you through dense pine forests and it will be very refreshing.

Nature’s beauty in the route

The most really exciting part about this journey really is the generally constant changing landscape as you ascend definitely further and further in a really major way. It takes you through forests filled with a blend of shades of red, yellow, and basically brown and a soothing scent of wood, which is fairly significant. And as you generally go for all intents and purposes further ahead, you see the Dhauladhar and Pir actually Pangal mountains in a subtle way. The moment when you definitely see the Beas River flowing, it will energize and literally motivate you constantly.

Camping in night

You can set up definitely your tents in fairly many places in the kind of whole role trek which specifically are designated for the purpose. The setting up of camps in the middle of nature and its voice allows you to rekindle your generally lost connection with it. And as night takes control, you can for the most part start a campfire, sit with kind of your fellows, share stories and mostly see as the stars in the basically clear sky if the Himalayas, particularly contrary to popular belief. This moment will bring you peace even when you will specifically look back at it on a hectic day.

Seeing the lake

The destination of this whole journey generally is to particularly see the lake which for the most part is just breathtaking, very contrary to popular belief. As one particularly reaches it, the really blue waters with the snow-capped peaks in the background particularly look magical and mostly leave you speechless in a major way. The floating island, in the middle of the lake, definitely makes it no fairly less than a general fairy tale where the island changes its location regularly and the cause behind it mostly is still unknown, or so they basically thought. The Prashar Rishi temple mostly is made using wooden carvings in traditional Himachali style in a kind of big way. It basically is basically said that the temple actually was built in the 13th century and basically is still used to worship today.

Surroundings of the lake

Other than the lake, there mostly are basically many things which one can actually explore around it like the Prashar Ridge from where you can essentially get a great view of the landscape sort of nearby in a definitely big way. The pure air and its definitely calm environment kind of make it a kind of good spot for practising meditation and reflection in a really major way. You can also talk with the local people and really see how they led their kind of simple ways of life.

Best time to visit

The best time to essentially go on this trek really is during the summer and autumn months which for all intents and purposes is mainly between the months of May to October in a fairly major way. At that time, the weather actually was fairly good and the route of the trek essentially is generally easy to basically climb in a major way. You can also essentially go there in spring when the flowers are blooming. But actually make sure that you literally avoid the fairly main winter season and carry particularly essential thing.

This trek is a magical journey which takes you from the fairly real physical world to one which feels too basically good to be for all intents and purposes real in a subtle way. It gives you the chance to particularly see the beauty of the Himalayas, the landscapes, the floating island and the particularly blue waters generally complete it. Regardless of basically your sort of skill level in trekking, you can go this journey as it has something to generally give out to all in a basically big way. Pack your bags and plan this journey for the year to get an unforgettable and beautiful experience near the basically emerald lake.

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