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Psychological Facts That Will Help Understand Yourself & Others Better

Psychological Facts

In understanding yourself and the others, we often meet difficulties because we are very different, and not to forget, really complex. However, there are some psychological facts that are generally met in people’s behaviours and lifetime patterns.

We spend a lifetime trying to understand the meaning of life and who we are. Therefore, who are we and how can we decipher this enigma?

To aid this long term process, scientists have discovered various facts that seem to be met in many cases, making it more surprising for us to see when we are experiencing the same things.

1. High frequency music is the perfect solution to make yourself calm and relaxed.

2. A smarter person will always have a small group of friends, due to the fact that she will not identify herself with many people. A smart person tends to be more selective mostly because the things that interest her do not interest others as much.

3. Traveling is an antidepressant and it will definitely motivate you, by exposing you to different experiences and cultures.


4. By tricking yourself into doing things that truly scare you, even the smallest thing, you will be happier, because you will see what you can overcome and what you cannot. Challenges are entertaining and, often enough, are really rewarding.

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5. Your number one go to for pieces of advice, person is usually the one that does not know how to apply her own knowledge into her life. The best advice will for sure come from such a personality.

6. Holding hands and hugs are reassuring and calming. By only holding hands, one will feel less scared and anxious as it sends signals to the brain that he is in a safe place.

7. The friendships you make between 16 and 28 years old are the ones that are most likely to survive. As we go through many transitions in that certain period of our life, the persons that stick up to it will get a better understanding of the other, thus making it a stronger friendship than the others.

8. Words create feelings. The way we express ourselves in words will shift our mood and feelings.

9. We have three brains, one that is the oldest and it is concerned about keeping us safe, one that is mingling with our emotions and the third is the logical and more complex one. The latter will help us get a better hold of the other two and keep us sane and stress free.

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10. We operate better our brain when we are given the chance to explore something in a progressive disclosure of the subject. As we are able to only process bits of the information we are given, we learn better when the information is disclosed progressively, meaning that the better we adapt the more we are able to learn.


11. Even if we do not know how to use something, we already have a mental model of how it should work and what we can do. Thus, even if we are new to something, we already know how to do it based on our mental models. To learn more about this, check out about ‘mental models’.

12. Progress is motivating. Try your best at keeping track of it and always remind yourself where you started and where you are now.

13. You definitely do not perform your best while you are under a lot of stress. Your mind during stressful times tries to find a way to escape this state and cannot clearly think about how to do different tasks.

14. We are shaped by culture. From a young age, we are exposed to different cultural beliefs and boundaries and in this way, our brain identifies with them in one way or another, thus culture might be more powerful than genetics.


15. You are more likely to judge the person and not the situation, therefore, eliminating the situational sources.

16. What you see is not what your brain depicts. As the brain is relying on experiences and patterns of thought and analysis, it will not give the clear picture of what it is in front of you. Therefore, people will understand something in various ways due to their past experiences. It is quite impressive to realize that your brain is updating itself with everything you feed it with.

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17. Creative persons are not only artists or photographers. There are actually four types of creative persons. Arne Dietrich has discovered and stated that there are cognitive-deliberate, cognitive-spontaneous, emotional-deliberate, and emotional-spontaneous creative people. That being so, creativity comes in many ways.

Color Brushes

18. Internet and mobile phones come in a combo that actually decreases your IQ due to the vast display of information. The brain gets into a state that it cannot possibly store everything it processes and keeps itself excited to see more even if it cannot store no longer.

19. The happier you get, the less sleep you need.

20. When you speak more than one language, you tend to develop multiple personalities.

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Psychological Facts That Will Help Understand Yourself & Others Better


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