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Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Quit Something

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To quit or not to quit? The answer to this burning question can take you straight to one of life’s crossroads. Quitting something on an impulse can have some far reaching consequences for your life. A heat of the moment storming out is quite different from a decision you arrive at after careful consideration.

Quitting is a leap of faith, where, as you close one door you expect another one to open for you. What, then, are the questions you ask yourself before you quit something? Here’s a look at some of them.

Your heart says no

The work place is a hot bed of all kinds of things. There are the rewards and recognition, and then there is also the work place politics, gossip and your boss you need to get along with. What when the recognition for your efforts, not to mention well-deserved promotions, pass you by all too frequently? What when your boss and you don’t ever see eye to eye and the dislike couldn’t be more mutual?

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To add to this, your colleagues could be the type you never usually hang out with and going to work makes you more unhappy with each passing day. Should you quit? The question to ponder upon would be what are your options? Do you have other viable options lined up or in your bag already? The truth is that money does make the world go around and quitting all of a sudden can leave you in a lurch of sorts.

When you leave a job you otherwise like for one reason, even a big reason, it deprives you of a source of income. If you quit because of your boss, the day after you do, your boss will still have a job, but you won’t. This truth can come back to bite you when it’s time to pay your mortgage and settle your bills. Unless you have a chunky nest’s egg to fall back on, holding on while you look for greener pastures is in your own best interest.

That everything you are going through will end when you find better or even the best will make things bearable for you. In the meanwhile, should your dream job fall into your lap, making a quick and graceful exit is highly recommended.

Over and out

Love can make you sparkle like a precious stone and bring out the best in you. Friendship is the rock you lean on and it warms your heart on the coldest of days. When things start to go south, love and friendship can become the bane of your existence. Should you quit?


Before you pull the plug on an important relationship, the question you need to ask yourself is, is it really, irrevocably over for you? When you have been with and around someone for months and even years knowing when to quit can be particularly hard. Is it a rocky and rough patch that will blow over or are the differences to many to gloss over and bridge?

No one knows the answers to these tough questions more than you.

Start to finish

It could be a hobby class you joined on a whim and now it’s too challenging or is boring the living daylights out of you. It could be a diet plan or an exercise regime you started and are now finding too hard to follow.

start to finish

It can also be a habit you so want to kick but now the temptation is getting way too strong. Should you stick to your choice to make these changes in your life and lifestyle or should you quit and start again at another time? The question you need to ask yourself is what inspired you to want these changes in the first place?

Quitting mid-way can become a habit that can be hard to kick. Much like your favorite sport, sticking to something you already started is something you get better at the more you practice. Kicking a habit you no longer want to keep and lifestyles changes will benefit you the way you planned it once you stick to your plan.

Live your dream

You have a vision for your life that makes you feel vibrantly alive. You think your true calling is to be a healer, a yoga studio owner, a supermodel, a motivational speaker, a life coach, a bestselling author or a millionaire entrepreneur.


You believe in your dream but don’t know if it can happen to you for reasons that you feel hold you back. When you talk to those you trust about your dream, some say go for it, while others say don’t rock the boat. Should you quit and give up on your dream or should you go after and claim the life you want to live?

The question that needs answers is do you believe you can achieve everything you want as a part of your life? Do you have the grit and perseverance to make it work for you? Give up too soon and you never find out what can be. Hang on too long and you may stagnate, stuck in the same place.

It’s a fine line and the answers to your question are the ones you need to move ahead. In the words of Napoleon Hill “One common cause of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat“.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Quit Something


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