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Role Reversal Engagements Are On The Rise – And Here’s Why!

role reversal

Its important at first place to understand what is the exact meaning of this term in different context, and to the pick up a couple of situations around which our discussion will revolve.

Technically speaking, “A particular situation when someone adopts a position or a role, which is reverse of what that person would have normally agreed to is called role reversal.” This is sometimes either mutually agreed between two persons or forced upon without any choice, as the situation demands. In this ever changing, super dynamic world, occurrence of such exceptional situations are on the rise and majority of people are pushed to adopt to new arrangement as soon as possible without any alternative.

It can be the family, the work place or marriage, where the situation can demand you to adopt a position which is completely different and opposite to what you are supposed to do. But then, as the demand of the time suggests, you need to get into the shoes as swiftly and meticulously as you can because you never know that how the situation would turn the next moment if you delay in taking the decision.

Let’s pick a couple of examples and discuss situations where Role Reversal Engagements become incumbent to the situation.



Due to the complex nature of this mystic relationship between two individuals of opposite sex, this has to be the first topic of our discussion. The relationship swings from being the most fragile engagement between two individuals to the most trustworthy and robust bond, when they say that even death cannot do us apart. The former situation is the one when the individuals cannot reconcile with the situation and take the easiest route of escape. We will focus on the later situation.

As we say, marriage is an arrangement of understanding, not only between two individuals, but two families as well. As the husband and wife spent time together and start understanding the spouse, they gradually develop a shared understanding of their roles in the relationship. It can be sometime an unspoken division of everyday responsibilities and chores or can be a tacit agreement between the two to support each other emotionally.

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It purely depends upon the maturity level of individuals to balance between the social expectations to do what you are supposed to do or take a more mature step to act as the situation demands in the family. In 70s and 80s, the common perception was that the father, would be employed outside and earn money, whereas the mother’s duty was to take care of household responsibilities and also take initiative in bringing up the child.

With changing times, the expectations and the roles have also evolved. Most mothers work to support the family and household responsibilities are divided. Bringing up the child has become a shared activity. A perfect case of Role Reversal Engagements is when you see families, where the husbands stay at home to take care of children and house hold activities whereas women work outside to support the family financially.

This is a perfect example where the husband and wife, understand and recognize each other’s potential and strong points as individuals and take their roles respectively.

Work Place

work place

A work place is a very intricate arrangement of individuals with different background who execute their duties at different hierarchy level. There are some set norms which are still very orthodox and complacent, even in the most advanced societies of the world. There are different angles on how situations are perceived and reacted upon. Looking at one aspect of male chauvinism.

Women in corporates were always expected to do mundane job of being a personal secretary executing normal clerical jobs. So, it has always been difficult for men to accept women as their bosses. Men also scoff when in the plane its announced that the captain is a female. Taking another instance of situations, when bosses only use to command instructions to the subordinates. There used to be a huge communication gap between the management and employees. But times are changing.

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Considering things in bigger perspective, corporates have changed their methodology about the women working with them. They look for a healthy male to female ratio in the organization. More and more women are hired for decision taking jobs and head important departments like sales, marketing etc. Women are even hired to do jobs which were till recently dominated only my males, like truck drivers, taxi operators, to name a few.

Discussing about the management employee relationship, these days, the top management level is making itself more approachable to the mid management executives. They are including themselves more in more in the micro level activities as well which in turn boosts up the morale of the employees.

You can also see in bigger corporate houses, children of top management are hired at apprenticeship level and are put under the lowest level of staff for training. This Role Reversal Engagement in corporates is a welcome step to bridge the gap between the top management and the executive class which eventually helps to increase the productivity of the staff and brings in more profitability for the organization.

Thus, we can say that this change is refreshing with the positive changes it is bringing in.

Role Reversal Engagements Are On The Rise – And Here’s Why!

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