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In this article, we will know about strange inventions that were made in the past. Most of them were crazy projects, but others were some inspiration for great inventions nowadays. Let’s take a look. Over the years, humanity has evolved, […]

According to Wikipedia ‘Instagram is a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo-sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately.’ As of September 2017, it has reached a new milestone of about 800 million […]

If we take a look at history, it becomes pretty evident that one of the most important, revolutionary, and life-changing incidents that the world has witnessed is the development of the first atomic bomb and the nuclear fission reaction back […]

Lovers of fabulous portrait selfies will have so many reasons to fall in love with the new iPhone X which is currently the best smart phone from Apple and has many features that make it a “must have” for selfie […]

                  The term “Internet of Things” has been mentioned across different quarters and maybe once or more, you have come across the term in an advertisement, article or during a discussion with a friend. The term is quite a […]

                If there was somebody odd and strange in this world, that would be Adolf Hitler. This character remains the darkest and deepest nature of human beings. In this article, you will find six mysteries that still surprise people around […]

                Everyone is familiar with the importance and use of technology and experiences rapidly changing technology. It affects our lifestyles, our way of thinking, ways of doing things, even our emotions. The purpose of this post is not to illustrate […]

                Internet of Things (IoT) also known as the Internet of Everything (IoE) is about all devices that are linked to the Internet, such as your cell phone, smart watch or even your refrigerator. With a huge number of devices […]