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Secret Insider Tips For Easier Business Travel

The expansion and diversification of companies in this last century has forced a large number of workers to literary live on the road. This can be tough, thus the need to find a working system that doesn’t leave you exhausted.

Business Travel

These business travel tips will transform your trips from a quantity affair to a quality affair. The aim here is to prevent that most common burnout experienced by many travellers who exceed their productivity limit.

Stay connected
The need for communication while travelling cannot be overemphasized. Spend the evening before you travel charging every device you’ll need for the trip, smartphones, laptops, digicam, etc. You certainly would not want to be caught in the hussle of charging your laptop at the gate area while the rest of the passengers have comfortably taken their seats.

While out there, it really pays to spare that little time for a quick call or short email to your family and the immediate boss. Also, carry with you a wifi-enabled device to avoid looking for cable internet or a cyber. This may prove really hard in this current world. One thing to however check is the high international data roaming costs. Set up your device to avoid these.

Remember to save all relevant customer service numbers in your phone. This will give you quicker access to the right people say when you need to change a car or hotel reservation or when a flight is cancelled.

Lighten the load
Traditionally, ladies are many times victims of overpacking. Men too! This ends up costing some hefty fees, given the luggage limits for different airlines. To avoid this, think about what you want to bring and then scale this down to a half. Don’t be tempted to pack all your favourite pieces from your closet. Consider bringing versatile pieces that you can layer and still look good.

travel load
Fit all these into that one travel suitcase you are used to. There is no need to maintain a whole range of bags for different trips. One suitcase helps you develop a packing strategy that serves you well. Remember to personally weigh your luggage before leaving home or your hotel room.

Consider special booking codes
Probably you’re not aware of the special booking codes Y and B present in some economy tickets. If there are empty slots in the next class of service, you will receive an upgrade with such codes in your ticket. To further give yourself a competitive edge, dress nicely, period.

The gate agent will pick you based on your dressing whenever they want to upgrade a few in case the economy class is oversold. Most important, keep a positive attitude to make your travel experience stress-free. You’ll have a better chance of getting extraordinary service when you remain polite and wear happy demeanors.


Don’t change airlines every other day
Jack of all trades but a master of none. Let this not be the case with your choice of airlines. Sounds exciting to charter 10 airlines in a span of one month. But does it really pay? For convenience sake, try to consolidate your travel into one or two airlines only.

This way you become used to their policies and routines, which makes your travel hussle-free. Getting used to the staff also adds warmth to your business travel. The perks offered by your primary carrier will also normally be transferred to international carriers.

Always give yourself extra time
Non-stop vs direct flights, which is which? Probably non-stop. No, direct. And the confusion still lingers. Here’s the difference:

A non-stop flight takes you from the origin to the destination without touching down. A direct flight might stop here and there, only that you would not be required to switch planes. These layovers may cost you a great deal of time and you’ll most probably end up exhausted at the end of one such flight.

Above all, always arrive early. Give yourself extra time so that unavoidable occurrences like unexpected gate changes, long taxi lines and flight delays don’t cause you extra stress.

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Secret Insider Tips For Easier Business Travel

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