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Should I Give Him Another Chance ?

Another chance

Is he all you can think about since the breakup? Do you regret calling it off in a quickie? Is his absence leaving you restless and desolated? Was dumping him the right decision? Should you have ended the relationship this soon?

If you’re second guessing yourself it’s about time you reassess the situation to make sure if he is worth another chance.

When you’re hurt or betrayed by someone you loved, it’s hard to give them another chance or to love them the same again. However, forgiveness is a necessity for the development of human relationships. Forgiveness in relationships doesn’t always come easy, not every person deserves to be forgiven.

Here are a few reasons to forgive him that might convince you to consider giving him another chance:

The First Mistake
He has been an amazing partner all along and it was the first time he made such a stupid mistake that you hit the ceiling. But now that you’re gradually cooling down you can clearly see that things weren’t as bad.

If he has not been cheating on you or hurting you, and the mistake is forgivable, talk about it and sort things out. If you think you can trust him and he won’t be repeating his mistakes, go ahead, forgive him and start over.

Seriously Apologetic


Has he been trying to reach out to you since the breakup? Does he constantly text you, call you, send you mails or just show up at your door begging you to let you in? If you’ve been ignoring him all along but still feel bad for him, relax and think again.

Since he didn’t quit trying to get you back despite the fact that you pushed him away, it shows he actually cares and is sincerely apologetic. Listen to his apology and give him a chance to explain himself to you.

Lack Of Communication
Lack of communication can lead to many misunderstandings that can seriously damage your relationship or a breakup. Sometimes, we might not be able to communicate our feelings and emotions to our loved ones so we just keep it inside and when we have had enough we burst with fury.

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The anger built up inside can be depressing enough, you might feel betrayed and overthink situations. Go on a long drive with him or just call him over and communicate your thoughts so that you can feel unburdened at heart.

Tell him everything you wanted to let him know but couldn’t let it out. Be open and honest if you really want this to work out!

You Still Love Him


You’ve been becoming extremely exasperated by the situation. You’re so used to his presence throughout the day, you’ve had the best moments of your life with him and it hurts to realize that he is no more a part of your life. He really did everything to keep you happy and comfortable.

He knew exactly how to calm you down when you felt depressed, he knew how to deal with your rapid mood swings and had never let you go to sleep upset. Now that he’s no more there with you, you’re falling apart. You can’t seem to move on over him or fall in love for someone else.

If that’s how you feel, stop torturing him and yourself. Give this relationship another chance, because maybe, it’s meant to be!

You’re At Fault
You look back and realize it was all your mistake. You either misunderstood the situation by false reasoning and overthinking or you just were in a bad mood. If you’ve contemplated your argument and concluded that you were the one at fault.

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It’s about time you get mature about this relationship and don’t be hesitant to make an apology if you owe him one.

He’s Your Support System


He has been the only person who stayed with you through thick or thin. He supported you when no one else did. And he gave you the confidence to be yourself and to do whatever makes you happy. But since he hasn’t been around, you feel demotivated, lonely and hopeless.

You haven’t been able to focus on anything anymore, you lose interest in work and you haven’t been able to get him off your mind. If he is all you need in your life, and the mistakes he made can be overlooked, it’s better you wipe the slate clean and start over.

Ask Yourself
Was it dumb of you to dump him? If you’re doubting your decision and are not at peace in your heart. Relax, give yourself some time. Ask yourself either you dumped him because you just don’t want him in your life anymore or is it just that you were stressed out because of other factors.

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Was it work stress, was it internal chaos? Do you think you didn’t give the relationship enough time and importance because of how everyone around you was making you feel? If you’ve accidentally let out someone else’s anger on him, think straight and don’t let temporary issues in your life affect your love life.

If he’s apologizing and wants you back in your life, let him explain and let him take away your stress. Maybe if you give him another chance to love him and share your feelings and fears, he might be able to help you out of it and love you even more deeply.

You’re Making Him Someone He Is Not


Have you been bossing him around too much? Have you been poking your nose into his affairs unnecessarily? It could be your judgmental and vexing nature that made it impossible for him to stick around anymore. Be mature about the situation and realize that he is not a DIY boyfriend.

Maybe you’ve overlooked the good in him while trying to make him the perfect boyfriend. If you’ve realized that you haven’t been a good girlfriend all along and that you must give him another chance and stop being so nosey. Sometimes, we can be so annoying that we can drive someone away who wants to love us just by our negative aura.

The Reason Is No More
Months after the breakup as things have gradually settled in your lives you’ve realized that it was all just a blip, you were just stressed over work or some other thing in your life. You both were probably too tensed and couldn’t handle the stress of work and family while handling the relationship.

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However, you spent all these months wondering what went wrong and why the both of you parted ways. If you believe that you’re finally at peace in your life and still want to make it work with him it seems only reasonable to patch up and not let silly things affect your relationship.

Decisions regarding relationships aren’t easy to make since they can affect your entire life. Being with the wrong person can damage you in the worst of ways. It’s important to trust your intuition but not completely depend on it. Solicit opinions from those you trust but don’t let anyone change your mind.

It’s important to keep in mind your needs in a relationship and the long-term aspect of your decision. Whatever decision you make, either to give him a chance or not, never forget your self-worth and always keep your happiness above that of other!

Should I Give Him Another Chance ?


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