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Some Amazing Facts About Animals You Must Know, Really Surprised

Earth has up to one million known animal species and each kind of specie have its own specialty and beauty. There are a lot of amazing things that people don’t really know about animals. This article consists of all the incredibly surprising facts about animals that you must know. So, scroll down and keep on reading.

Amazing Facts About Animals

30 Surprising facts about Animals:

1. Some of the time female black widow spiders, after mating, kills and eat their male partners.

2. In order to get some comfort, baby elephants sometimes suck their own trunks.

3. A Grizzly Bear has the power to break a bowling ball in to small pieces by just biting.

4. Honey bees are able to taste the food with their feet.

5. Female elephants stay pregnant for almost 2 years.

6. In order to reproduce, Female komodo dragons don’t really need a male partner.

7. Humming birds have the incredible ability to fly backwards.

8. Each tiger in this world have a different stripped pattern on their body just like the human finger prints.

9. Wild dolphins are known to call each other by the names.

10. Just like human kids, young goats are able to pick up the accents from each other.

11. In the urban areas, the spiders are able to grow bigger.

12. The expansion and contraction in the exoskeletons of Cicadas helps them in making their loud calls.

13. An ordinary octopus has total three hearts.

14. In order to taste anything, catfish has to use its whole body.

15. Ostrich can kill the humans by just kicking them.

16. A few turtles are known to breathe from their butts.

17. The only living thing specie that can survive in the vacuum of space is Tardigrades.

18. All the animals which have smaller bodies but faster metabolism always see in the slow motion.

19. In the winter season, reindeer eyeballs turn blue in color which helps them a lot to see in the dark.

20. Honeybees are able to flap their wings around 200 times each second.

21. Bats help American agriculture in saving more than 3 billion dollars per year by eating all the pest insects.

22. There are total 24 species of dancing frogs.

23. Among mammals, bat is the only one that is able to fly.

24. No bat can walk due to the very thin leg bones.

25. Against every human on the Earth there are about 1 million ants.

26. Half of the world’s pigs live in China.

27. Cows are able to sleep while standing up.

28. There are about 32 muscles in a single ear of cat.

29. A Whale heart just beats 9 times per second.

30. In case a snail’s eye is cut off, it can grow a new one.

Some Amazing Facts About Animals You Must Know, Really Surprised

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