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Spontaneous Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss
Weight gained posses a threat to your health and esteem. It can prove a difficult task to lose it and requires commitment, consistency and hard work.
However, following this spontaneous weight loss plan ensures a smooth and easy transition.
Practice Mindful Eating
Mindful eating has proven to be an effective weight loss method and it involves paying attention to the food you eat and the feeling you get while eating. Additionally, it helps maintain the weight once you have achieved your target weight. Mindful eating involves:
Eat Less Portions
Eating less portions of your meals at all times reduces the number of calories being converted into fats as most of what you consume will be converted into calories meant for energy.
Avoid Snacks
Avoiding snacks in between meals as this will increase the intake of calories in the body. However, if you have to eat snacks, you can always eat healthy ones like yoghurt, hard boiled eggs, fruits and nuts.

Eat When Hungry
Eat only when you feel hungry or rather eat breakfast, lunch and dinner only. Eating a balanced diet ensures proper nutrition and reduces the risk of getting deficiency related diseases.

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Eat Slowly
Eating slowly reduces the number of calories consumed and it has also been associated with the production of weight loss hormones which help control the bodies weight.

Eat Proteins
Eating foods rich in protein reduces the calories intake as they do not contain a lot of calories. They also increase the metabolism rates in the body while being digested and this leads to reduction of excess calories in the body. It also makes one full for longer and hence reduces appetite.

Avoid Added Sugars
Processed foods consist of added sugars and fats that are rich in calories. Instead of consuming these meals try and eat whole foods and foods rich in fiber as they do not contain added sugars or fats and makes one remain full for long.

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Eat Fruits and Vegetables
Eating more fruits and vegetables reduces the calorie intakes in the body and they are the most ideal meals for dinner as one should consume less calories at night.

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Eat Spices
Eat spices such as chili pepper and japelenos as they increase the burning of fat and boosts metabolism. They have also been associated with reduction in appetite and calorie intake once consumed.

Consume Liquids
A body should always be hydrated at all times to avoid, constipation, stomach discomfort and also ease the process of metabolism. Liquids consumed during weight loss include:

Water has been linked to weight loss as it reduces the appetite if taken before meals and increases the metabolism rates leading to more calories being utilized. It also reduces the sugars and added calories if you consume it instead of beverages and soft drinks.

Unsweetened Coffee
Coffee contains antioxidants and almost zero calories if consumed without added sugars and sweeteners. It also increases the metabolism and energy levels in the body once consumed leading to reduced calories in the body.

Unsweetened Green Tea
Just like unsweetened coffee, green tea contains antioxidants and almost no calories. It also increases burning of fat that leads to weight loss.

Green Tea
However, one should always avoid or reduce the amount being consumed from the following drinks while on a weight loss plan:

1. Alcohol
Alcoholic drinks contain added sugars and calories and excess intake of these drinks has been linked to obesity and increased fat in the midsection. Reducing the amount of alcoholic drinks you take reduces the calories intake. Small amounts of alcohol have been linked to health benefits such as preventing heart attacks.

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2. Liquidated Calories
The body does not detect liquidated calories and you can end up with excess calories in the body being converted into fat and to reduce this, one should avoid liquid calories mostly found in soft drinks, fruit juices and energy drinks.

Work Out
Exercise is always important when trying to lose and maintain weight. One should always have an effective work out plan to ensure consistency. Types of exercises to be carried during this process include:

Cardio is effective when it comes to losing belly fat and burning of calories in the body. This can be through jogging, running, cycling, walking and hiking.

Lifting Weights
Lifting weights helps build up muscles. In return, the body burns calories to provide energy as a body constituted by muscles requires a lot of energy and this leads to weight loss as minimum fat is converted into fat for storage.

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Change Your Lifestyle
Aim to live a healthy life by watching your way of life in general.

This can be done through.

Avoiding Stress
People who suffer from stress tend to eat more at all times to reduce anxiety and this may lead to intake of excess calories. Avoiding stress reduces anxiety eating and this reduces weight gain.

Get Enough Sleep
People who do not get enough sleep disrupts the normal body functions and this also alters the appetite regulation and leads to increased weight. Sleeping for uninterrupted 7-10 hrs. a day reduces the chances to gain weight and also gives the body the much-needed rest.

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Brush Your Teeth After Meals
Brushing reduces the need to eat as people find food tasting badly after brushing and they even get lazy to brush again. This reduces calories taken and this reduces the possibility to gain weight.

Consider Medication
This is also a solution when it comes to weight loss but should be done with moderation. Medication to be taken for weight loss includes:

Taking Glucamannon
Glucamannon is natural fiber commonly found in weight loss pills and contains low calories. This fiber has the ability to delay stomach emptying, feed the gut bacteria and reduce the absorption of fat and proteins.

Taking Probiotics
Probiotics are live bacteria that improve digestive system’s health and also helps in weight loss by blocking the absorption of dietary fat and reducing the appetite. This reduces weight gained as no fat is stored.

Combining some of these methods can increase the chances of losing weight and you should strive to live a healthy and productive life even when losing weight.
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Spontaneous Weight Loss Plan

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