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Technological Inventions That Have Disappeared

Over the years thousands of new technologies have emerged, which have caused others to cease to exist, or simply evolve, in this opportunity it is a pleasure to bring some of the technologies that have disappeared over the years.


It is a Canadian company, this was a pioneer in the world of mobiles, which are also called “Smartphones”. In his beginning, his equipment was very famous because it characterized his keyboard, for his chat that was presumably impossible to hack and for its incredible interface. These became so famous that even the previous president of the United States, Barack Obama had one, but after a while, this company began to collapse.

With the arrival of iPhone, and touch phones in addition to the popularity of chats such as WhatsApp, which could communicate between any, phone and not just between brands. Added to this, the arrival of programs such as iOS and Android, which brought the availability of millions of cool applications that were also free.

All this, made possible the fall of this giant. Therefore, the company decided not to make more phones, and sold his name to another company whose name is TCL, which is rumored that if you make phones with the name of BlackBerry but with Android, but with no resemblance to the phones that at some point we all wanted to have.

Google Picasa

This was a computer application, which allowed you to create images, which brought options to organize, visualize, edit and share digital photographs. This application was created in 2002 by the LifeScape Company to compete against Apple photos. Nevertheless, in July 2004, Google decided to buy Picasa, and began to offer it free.

After this, a Picasa website was created in which you could share photos all over the web, with what they did not count in 2016. Picasa disappeared, since Google decided to focus on just one photo service, which is Google Photos.

VHS player

For many this technology was in antiquity. These coffee makers officially went down in history in July 2016, when the company Fanai Electronic made the announcement saying that it would stop the production of such equipment. Fanai was the only company in the world that still manufactured these devices, this without a doubt was one of the best old technologies that could exist, but unfortunately, with the technological evolution and the arrival of the CDs and the digital films this was disappearing.


This was a social network where you could record and share videos with a duration of only 6 seconds. Although in the beginning many were made, a very silly idea because they were wondering what the hell they could share in just 6 seconds, this was one of the most famous social networks that have existed. Millions of users among whom you could find well-known artists worldwide used this. Therefore, Twitter made the decision to buy it, but Vine could not survive the competition he had within the world of Apps, so in October 2016 Twitter decided to close it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung and iPhone has had a much-closed competition in recent years. Well, these two brands have been the pioneers, which have achieved the highest sales rate worldwide, and they have a great advantage over their current competitors.

That is why when announcing the iPhone 7, Samsung did not take long to announce that it would launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This was called the most incredible phone in the world. Unfortunately, when the batteries of several of these devices exploded, the company decided to paralyze its production, and remove it from the market.

Initially, it replaced the devices that presented these failures with new ones, but when they concluded that the problem was massive and that the origin of the failure was not clearly identified, they decided to cancel the fabrication. They removed all devices from the market. When this happened, the company lost billions of dollars, and the phone was one of the biggest technological fiascos of that year.

Google Glass

If there is an invention that was a total failure, we must say that Google is a machine for the production of projects that do not happen (maybe it’s their nature). Hundreds of them have the necessary funding to, in the best of cases, work for a while. One of those projects that promised more and that has finally exploded as the Hindenburg were the Google glasses. A futuristic invention that promised to be the great virtual assistant of the future. Its price was absolutely exorbitant and the strange relationship between Google and privacy rights caused the project to be deflated until becoming part of the great bluffs of the history of technology.

Virtual Boy

A lot long before virtual reality glasses became a “reality”, Nintendo had already opted for this technology in the 90s, specifically in 1995. In reality, Virtual Boy was a screen placed a few inches from the eyes managed by a remote control that was connected through a cable.

The fall of the product was resounding, especially because a year later would come to the PlayStation market (they did it again), a video game much richer in graphics and versatility. Who came to play with her says that dizziness occurred within five minutes of being connected (WTF).

Nokia N-Gage

Before disappearing completely from the face of the Earth as a commercial brand and plunging Finland into an economic crisis, Nokia, in its heyday as a telecommunications company, launched the N-Gage. A hybrid between phone and video console that was not entirely thought. Especially when used as a telephone, since the headset and microphone were located together, so the device had to be placed “on its side”. In addition, the quality of the games was far from that of other portable devices of the time. Even so, the Scandinavian brand would release two years later the Nokia N-Gage QD Silver, the first and only evolution of the phone.


Probably, the video game console with the greatest failure in its investment-results relationship. The move of Sega to compete with the Nintendo 64 and the Sony PlayStation was in a painful third position after several years without finding the right key to stand up to the other two.

Especially when Sony advanced the launch of the PlayStation 2. The console stayed between the waters of two generations, which made it fail more for a lack of planning than for a lack of quality as an instrument. A cut in the jugular of Sega that dragged during years and that has finished with the mythical company of the Japanese game in a corner of the market.

Microsoft Bob

Considering the evolution of the Internet Explorer browser, qualifying the Microsoft Bob as the biggest commercial fiasco in the history of the American company is very hard. But this software launched by Microsoft back in 1995 was one of the first commercial swipes of the company then led by Bill Gates.

If we see the play from another perspective, it was the then girlfriend of this one, Melinda French, the one in charge of, not only conceiving the project and the concept of Bob, but of developing it in its entirety.

Designed for the most novice users to integrate quickly and easily into the operating system, it simulated being a “furnished” house in which the user would be easily oriented (for example, the typewriter was the word processor) Remember that dog?


Father Ernetti in the 60’s claimed to have built a kind of time viewer as part of a group that supposedly included the Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi and Wernher von Braun called Chronovision. The equipment built by this man supposedly allowed to see and hear events of the past. According to Ernetti’s explanation, the energy and luminous sounds that the objects emanate are recorded in their environment, in such a way that with the use of the Chronovisor that energy and sound could be reconstructed.

Through the screen of the Chronovisor Father Ernetti claimed to have witnessed a representation in Rome in 169 a.c. of the tragedy currently lost “Thyestes” by the father of Latin poetry, Quintus Ennius (Super WTF).

He also claimed to have seen Christ dying on the cross. On his deathbed in 1994, Father Ernetti said he had participated in a meeting with all those involved in the project in the Vatican, where the only existing machine was destroyed.

Antigravity devices

It is said that in 1956 Thomas Townsend Brown had made substantial progress in the investigation of electro-gravitational propulsion. In such a way that North American aerospace companies became involved in the investigation to turn it into “Classified Subject”.

Although many have already proven the existence of the effect he discovered, Brown’s work was controversial because others, like himself, believe that this effect could explain the existence of UFOs.

Flexible glass

It is said that at the time of the Roman emperor Tiberius Caesar (between 14 a.c. – 37 a.c.) an artisan invented the technique of creating a glass that could be bent.

Moreover, to show it to him,  he brought a drinking cup made of flexible glass, and Caesar threw it on the floor, where the material was dented instead of broken. The inventor simply repaired it with a small hammer.

After he swore to the Emperor that only he knew the manufacturing technique, Caesar had his head cut off, fearing that such an invention could devalue the price of gold and silver.

The continuous movement system

It is said that a man with surname Schauberger invented a device capable of generating energy perpetually and completely free. Nevertheless, when it was “concealed” during the Second World War, all its documents and prototypes were confiscated, all its inventions ended up disappearing.

The earthquakes machine maker

Nikola Tesla, experimenting with mechanical oscillators supposedly managed to generate resonances in several buildings, causing complaints to the police.

When the speed increased, he reached the frequency of his own building and when he realized, belatedly, of the danger he was running he was obliged to hit the machine with a hammer and finish the experiment.

Apple watch

This product with a cost of 350 dollars the most economic, up to 17 thousand dollars that is worth the most equipped gold watch Apple, is undoubtedly a somewhat unusable device, since the only thing for what works is to see the time, read your mail, see the incoming calls and put themes. Maybe it looks good and it’s fashionable, but I do not think it’s something as revolutionary as it was at the time the iPhone, ipod and ipad.

And we left the most WTF project of this whole article. The big winner has been Motorola. Yes! It was too crazy.

The Motorola vitamins that wanted to replace your password

Motorola engineers had the wonderful idea of ​​replacing passwords with an intelligent tablet that, “activated” by the acids of our stomach, would make our body a “human token” creating an 18-bit ECG signal through which we could replace our User credentials to access our email account, bank account, and even open the doors of our car.

Although at first it might seem a strange project – which it is, the truth is that these pills, with the name of Prometeus, were approved by the United States government agency responsible for the regulation of food and medicines, its acronym, FDA, and they were even close to starting its commercialization.

Finally, Motorola had to abandon this curious and innovative project for reasons that even today are unknown (Ultra WTF).

Well knowing this, do you think we lacked talking about a device?

Some were eliminated by the advancement of technology while others were eliminated due to technological failures, to this day, there are millions of inventions that you do not yet know, and perhaps in a few years, millions of inventions will be eliminated with which you are currently interacting.

We read each other later.

Technological Inventions That Have Disappeared


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