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Technologies You Can’t Live Without

                Everyone is familiar with the importance and use of technology and experiences rapidly changing technology. It affects our lifestyles, our way of thinking, ways of doing things, even our emotions. The purpose of this post is not to illustrate pros and cons of technology. We are here to evaluate or challenge our self, how much technology influences us or have an impact on us. Most impactful technology that I bet you can’t live without is Internet. If we rank the technologies that we use in our daily life, on the basis of popularity or easiness, the Internet will be on Top. On your ranking I am pretty much sure; the Internet will be on top. There are sayings of some common people that they can survive without food but without the internet, they cannot live. Yeah, it’s hard to believe but that’s a fact (somewhat true for me also). Without the internet my life will be very different, I mostly communicate over the internet using Messenger, WhatsApp, Hotmail, Outlook, MySpace and hundreds of other websites that are designed for communication. Without the internet, I don’t know how I will communicate with friends and family that are of distant countries.
Mostly people use it for entertainment purpose like watching movies, videos, web series and playing video games. If there is no internet, it is hard to find some another source of entertainment especially when you have no other option. For research purpose what is better than the internet. It is hard to search through a bunch of books to find a single piece of information; on the other side, you have an option to search it on some mouse clicks. You can browse books, notes and also presentations on different purposes if you have any problem related to studies or related to any aspect of life you can simply Google it. You can also read and download books in some clicks. 

The most addicted portion of Internet is Social Media; as you know social media is everywhere, through this medium you can interact with family, friends, your favorite celebrities, brands etc. This is the most suitable platform for advertisement after Television.

The second one in our list is Smartphones; can you remember that how were you communicated without a cell phone? More than calling and messaging smartphone have importance in our life for Apps like snap chat, Messenger etc. You have a portable device in your hand through which you can communicate as well as entertain yourself by using interesting Apps; you can connect to the internet, enjoy music, video chats, social media etc….

The third one in our list is Digital Camera; everyone loves recording precious moment of their life and wants to capture these moments. It replaces Film camera as you can see the picture immediately and once you purchased it then you can take the pictures without spending money. You can share your picture instantly across the word.

The fourth one is GPS; a navigation system introduced by the military in 1980’s, help people to reach their location. Used in a wide range of fields to track ways and destination. This technology works in extreme weather. The US government continuously updated it hence it is very advance. It is less costly so easy to integrate into other systems. The best technology that works in water so you can also find your direction on water and within the water.

The fifth one technology is Bluetooth; is a wireless technology used for exchanging data for short distances. You can exchange files, photos, and videos using this technology without connected to the Internet. It is just like building Personal Area Network. Through this technology, you can connect any two devices like the smartphone to lab top, smartphone to car and smartphone to smartphone.

Technologies You Can’t Live Without

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