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The Hottest Fashion Trends For The Summer, According To The Kardashians!

We simply cannot deny the fact that Kardashian family has become a huge part of the fashion industry. Each Kardashian family member managed to get us shocked, impressed and even jealous at moments, they are just that type of a family who never enters the room unnoticed and that is why they became so important to the fashion world.

Summer Fashion
Members of the Kardashian family have over 400 million followers on Instagram alone and all of them keep their eyes open for a next big trend. The Kardashian sisters can always be found in front and center at the Fashion Week, next to the important designers such as Marc Jacobs – they even have their own makeup and clothing lines.

Whether or not you like the Kardashian family, they really are a modern day fashion dynasty that many of us look up to.

Here are some of the HOTTEST fashion trends for the summer, according to the Kardashians!

Sheer Tops
Kendall Jenner surely got all eyes on her back in June 2016, when she wore an incredibly sheer top. The sheer top did appear on the runways the season before, but it still did not really become mainstream at all. “I just like showing my nipples through some of my outfits’’ she said. “There’s something understated, yet sexy about it’’.

Quickly afterwards the fashion world got very excited about sheer tops and everyone quickly caught on to it. Sheer tops are something we will see a lot this summer as well, often worn with colorful pasties over the nipples or just under a cardigan.

Neutral Colors/Neutrals
Everyone already knows that the Kardashians are entirely obsessed with nude and neutral colors. “Millenial Pink’’ is the iconic color of this generation, it is literally everywhere from clothing to makeup and accessories. Megan Moran (wardrobe stylist and owner of The Style Foundry) said “Kardashians tend to stick with a neutral or even nude palette, more often than not’’ “Skin tones, light pinks, bright whites and blacks let them either standout in their outfits or become one neutral canvas.”

When it comes to neutral colors, there are a lot of choices, shades and combinations to come up with, no wonder Kardashians picked this to be the iconic color.

Athletic Outfits/Athleisure
Who would have thought that athletic outfit would be a trend everyone is going crazy about? This lovely trend allows us to wear our comfy gym wear all day, even if we are not going to the gym at all, cannot get any better than this! Before mentioning Kylie and her posing in gym wear on Instagram, we need to be fair enough and mention that Kanye West was the actual original pioneer for this great trend.

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His Yeezy line made sporty and laidback outfits look fashionable to the fullest and with a little bit help of the Kardashian models, this great trend caught on without a doubt. Kylie Jenner made the trend even stronger when she signed a deal with Puma, from then on people started wearing athletic everything, even underwear. The trend has gotten so big that the term ‘athleisure’ was added to the dictionary.

One Piece Bathing Suits
Yes! Wearing a one piece bathing suit does not mean you are fat or anything alike! This lovely comeback happened thanks to Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian who back in 2015, posted a picture on Instagram. Low cut backs and high cut leg openings not only look sexy, but they are super comfortable, great for spending an entire day at the beach!

I love one-pieces. I think one-pieces can be super-sexy,” Khloe said in an interview – “I don’t think you need to show everything for it to be sexy.” And we agree! One piece bathing suits are awesome, we love them and we will wear them this summer!

Contouring was a thing no one spoke about before, Kardashians however, showed us the true meaning behind contouring and we absolutely love it! While Kim Kardashian effortlessly looks beautiful no matter what she does with her makeup, her great look created an amazing trend worldwide and brought contouring to our lives, with a thousands of video tutorials and amazing ideas!

Whereas people would be using a bronzer for contour before, the Kardashians used cream pigments to create dimension on their face,” said, makeup artist Shara Strand.

Because of this trend, makeup companies have easily promoted all kinds and sorts of palettes for contouring.

Wet Hair Look
Now that the summer is near, wet hair look will be all around us. Back in the days it was all about finding that blow dryer and quickly go out to have fun, now we can just let it be and claim that we are following this Kardashian trend. Kim Kardashian has showed us that sleek bun does not always have to be the only way to look great on a red carpet and that is really true.

This awesome trend quickly took over the Hollywood and just like most of the trends Kardashians started, it became very popular on the internet. There is really no more fear that your hair is awful after a swim, just take a look at some of the tutorials out there and in a minute, you will look just great!

Colored Hair
Many trends come and go, but this one still seems to be the way to look great this summer, choosing to have rose gold hair or even hidden rainbow hair, all of this is a big plus for the summer.

Colored Hair
Fashion experts claim that the brighter and happier colors we pick, the better we will look, so do not hesitate, give it a try and let your hair shine as it never shined before, just make sure not to overdo it, coloring your hair too often with various colors can damage it and make it look very dull.

Jeans Shorts And An Ordinary White Shirt
There is no way you haven’t noticed how often Kardashians wear jeans or jeans shorts combined with a white shirt. Kylie, Kim and Khloe are the ones who can be seen wearing this quite often, and honestly, they look truly amazing. The casual and laidback look is a great way to look this summer, combining it with your favorite shoes and a bag, you can look just as amazing as Kardashians.

Now that you are well aware of the summer trends that have been brought to us by Kardashians, it is no secret that all you have to do is mainly feel comfortable in your own skin. Most of the trends listed can be followed even after the summer, because Kardashians really have their own ways and if you really wish to follow their trends, just be sure that you know your own limits.

We are hoping to see some new ideas coming from the Kardashian family, together with a bunch of new trends!
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The Hottest Fashion Trends For The Summer, According To The Kardashians!

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