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The Most Intelligent Robberies & Criminals In Modern History

In history, we have always heard about great robberies and violent and tragic scenes. Nevertheless, have you heard of criminals and smart robberies? You will know each of these stories and you will have more to talk about at parties with your friends and family, so let’s start:

There are criminals who take advantage of their intelligence very well and make the most out of committing crimes. These groups or freelancer criminals seem so creative, that it is literally as if they were taken out of an action movie. In this opportunity, we bring a series of criminals that in our opinion are the smartest in the world.

The Pink Panthers

This is a band that was dedicated to the theft of jewelry; they are “professional” thieves. These have been stealing in jewelry stores around the world for more than 20 years. According to studies conducted by different anti-theft bodies, it is estimated that these have reached a total of 500 million dollars stolen.

This group was given the name of “Pink Panthers” for having committed one of their first thefts very similar to the theft made in the movie “The Return of the Pink Panther”, where a gem is hidden inside a pot of cream for the skin.

In 2003, they did something similar in London, stealing a ring inside a pot of skin cream. This Spanish band grew a lot since it began.

They planned very well any robbery and have not yet been captured. Evil triumphs sometimes! Just kidding, they were caught in 2014.

The Vacuum Cleaners thieves

A gang of criminals, whose name is unknown, only needed a drill and a vacuum (WTF!). Since 2006, this band has been dedicated to stealing more than 800 thousand dollars. Many of these robberies have been caused to Monoprix supermarket network, using only these two things mentioned above.

First, they made a hole with the drill, which was large enough for the vacuum tube to enter, and after that, all they had to do was suck the money. These French criminals were never captured.

The Tunnel Thieves

This is one of the cases most similar to action movies!

In this case, we met the story of some thieves who dug a tunnel to the Credit Lyonnais bank chamber (oh la-la). These took advantage of the fact that the bank was closed for a few small renovations and therefore the surveillance was reduced (smart huh?).

They started to dig a tunnel in the basement of a store very close to the bank until they managed to get there. The robbery was not very quiet as expected, as one of the guards caught the noise and saw them, but before he said anything, they knocked him unconscious and tied him up.

After entering the camera, they opened more than 100 security cameras. In addition, they proceeded to take all the money and valuables items. Finally, they set fire to the bank to eliminate all possible traces. They were not either captured.

Fake Cop

Sin dudas ¡este caso fue bastante loco!

Undoubtedly, this case was pretty crazy!

The story tells that in 1968, the most unusual theft of modern Japanese history occurred.

However, in the middle of the journey, the police who was escorting them gave a warning that there was a bomb threat in the car they were transporting the money. The police stopped the car and made workers get off quickly to avoid dying in an explosion.

Then, the employees told that the police went to check the car and got under it. Suddenly, a lot of smoke started coming out of the car, forcing the workers to run out of the place.

Later, they saw in the distance that the police officer got into the car, turned it on and took it away in a hurry. It was when an incredible investigation began. They found out that the police officer was a fake police officer. At that time, all the money that was stolen, would amount to about 8 million dollars. Guess what? They never captured him!

Just Leonardo

This post would be incomplete if we stopped talking about Leonardo.

Leonardo played one of the most incredible and largest thefts in history, because this Italian stole many diamonds, which had an approximate value of 100 million dollars.

This boy, along with another group of thieves, entered what was believed to be an impenetrable chamber of a bank, which had all the parameters to be safe.

A 3-ton door, a heat sensor, radar, and a seismic sensor, among other things, protected this camera. After this robbery, they could only trace Leonardo but they only had circumstantial evidence against him (he never spoke of that), sending him to 10 years in prison.

However, the most curious thing about this is that the jewels were never found; Leonardo was released and was never seen again.

The Aerial Hijacker

This case was very commented in all the news of that time. It was the case starring Dan Cooper, who in 1971, hijacked a plane yes, a plane in the air!

His idea was well planned, since he registered as all the passengers and after being in the air, he passed a note to the flight attendant in which he said he had a bomb in his briefcase, and that if she did not sit next to him, the plane would explode. This caused commotion in the passengers and after the alert was given to the pilot, the pilot called the FBI to negotiate with Cooper.

The story goes that Cooper wanted the $ 200,000 plus four parachutes, and the FBI finally accepted his requests. Dan Cooper also fulfilled his part of the deal and freed everyone, except the pilot, co-pilot, the flight attendant and another worker.

Then, he landed at a nearby airport, where the FBI sent him a briefcase with money and four parachutes. Then, he made the plane take off again and at a certain point on the flight, he told the crew to keep flying and he jumped with the money!

From that moment that the crew saw him jump, we have not heard anything else from him. Many people believe that he did not survive the fall, as a family found part of their money in a nearby field. On the other hand, his body was never found and nothing was known. What happened? We will never know.

The Fake Cops at the Boston Museum of Art

On March 18, 1990, two “police officers” approached this museum, which, according to the museum’s security guards, had received an alert that something was happening in the building.

After the last comrade who was on duty arrived, these two police officers took out their weapons, threatened them to later tie them up, bandage them and take them to the basement.

Then, they said they were not police (obviously!) In addition, proceeded to take 13 pictures of the museum and a couple of objects that to date, have made the investigation remains open, they have not discovered who were these fake cops.

The Jewelry Girls

This robbery was done very accurately. In this case, the luxurious Paris jewelry Harry Winston was the scene in 2008 of one of the biggest thefts in French contemporary history. The jewelry was stolen, losing about 80 million euros, all this very close to Christmas Eve.

The curious thing about this theft was the modus operandi. According to the French authorities, a video was recorded where there were about 5 men disguised as women who broke into an area known as the ‘Golden Triangle’, where are the most luxurious jewelry stores and designers, and entered Harry Winston later.

According to the testimonies and records, there were approximately 15 people in the premises, when these women broke in and took out their pistols, cornered their victims and at the same time, removing all the jewels that were on the counter.

The funny thing about this is that nobody thought at first that were men, until they heard them speak. In this case they did find the criminals (2 years later), who dressed as women, executed the biggest theft in the Harry Winston’s history.

When the Hostage is the Thief!

We wanted to close this post with this story. This happened in Australia. One day, a bank manager was kidnapped while on his way to work. A person approached him and injected him with a kind of poison.

Then, the kidnapper told the bank manager that he should steal his own bank and gave him instructions for that purpose, all in exchange for the poison antidote.

Additionally, the criminals told him that if he did not rob the bank before 4pm the poison would cause him deadly effects and, in addition, they would blow up the bank.

The manager surnamed Foster, managed to get $ 40,000 from the bank and gave it to the criminal group. They kept their word and gave him the antidote. However, Mr. Forrester left everyone surprised with his story of theft by a hostage.

We hope you liked the stories that are real life and can happen to anyone. The truth is that you should not trust all the police officers you see and do not trust men who like to dress as women.

The Most Intelligent Robberies & Criminals In Modern History


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