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The Worst 30 Flat Belly Mistakes Made By Majority of Women

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You’re working out and have a burning desire to lose that chubby belly but your lifestyle sabotages your effort. You can’t agree with me further, it’s frustrating!

This article is here for you.

Changing common lifestyle habits will help you achieve your future dreams of having a flat-belly and a toned body.

1. Taking a Soda To Quencher your Thirst

Sweetened beverages like a glass of soda can be part of gaining belly-fat problem. Women take sweetened beverages when thirsty. It does to you more health harm than benefits.

When thirsty, you can reach for a glass of water instead. Infuse it with fresh fruits and you’ll solve fat-belly issues.

2. Failure to Use Chopsticks when taking Chinese and Japanese Food

Do you use a fork instead? It means you’re eating faster than it could be when you use chopsticks. When you eat slowly you consume fewer calories.

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How do I solve this if I don’t have chopsticks? I got your back!

Use your non-dominant hand to help you slow down and produce similar effects.

3. Using a Cupcake When Watching Your Favorite Show at Night


Sugar-laden treats such as cookies and cupcakes can cause additional fat-belly. Avoid them. They aren’t helpful to your workout program and effort to ensure a toned body.

Do you want a lasting solution? Replace them with whole grain snacks.

4. You Have Obsession With Gluten-Free Meals

Companies produce gluten-free foods using refined grains. They have a high level of calories that contribute to adding to your belly fat.

Avoid refined grains at all cost. They aren’t friends to your belly. If you must use gluten-free foods, eat whole grains and avoid refined grains.

5. Frequent Small Portion Meals

Are you that girl who takes only mini meals? Do you take a small portion of chocolate or a handful of almonds to speed up your metabolism?

If yes, be my audience. Research suggests that it helps control your appetite and food intake, but it’s not always the case.

If you’ve to do it, make sure portions are small and light to meet the required calorie intake in your body.

6. Avoiding Intake of Bananas and Apples

apple and banana

We’re all acquainted with the facts that “an apple a day keeps a doctor away”. Then why do we make a mistake of avoiding it or a banana in our meals?

Bananas and apples have potassium contents that de-bloat your body naturally. Their natural sugar is healthy for your body; contrary to added sugars.

Use them daily to meet your flat-tummy goals.

7. Having a Wine Glass that is Equal to The Olivia Pope’s Glass

Women should take not over one glass of wine a day. Of course, it shouldn’t be equal to the size of Olivia Pope’s glass.

A glass of wine is equivalent to 120 calories.

Yes! And your body burns calories from alcohol first to eliminate them from your digestive system.

Alcohol is also a good stimulus of appetite. Every sip makes you eat more and gain more weight.

8. Comparing Yourself With Your Partner

Though it isn’t an official disorder, Partner Comparison Disorder (PCD) is damn a real struggle. You could be a victim… when you declare a weight loss journey will be for you and your partner.

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Your partner after a period of successful health and wellness program might quit and still have positive results. Don’t compare! Men have fewer struggles to lose weight, they have low body fat.

9. Avoiding Egg Yolks

Vitamin D contributes to preventing abdominal obesity.

Egg yolks are one of the major sources of Vitamin D. However, women avoid it. It also contains healthy fat that keeps you full longer, preventing you from frequent meals in the course of the day.

Give an egg yolk a trial and watch your belly-fat disappear!

10. Frequent Meeting in Bars and Restaurants

You really have no control over the ingredient in your favorite food in a hotel. You could be categorical on the dish you need to be served, but salt, sugar and fattening contents in the dish are beyond your control.

Consuming home prepared dishes lowers the chances of sabotaging weight loss for women.

11. Consuming The Same Food

Women on diet make common mistakes of eating the same food over and over. This habit contributes to preventing probiotic diversity in your digestive system.

The effects will slow the rate of metabolism. And cause the accumulation of unwanted fat in your belly. Will you have achieved your weight loss goals here? Absolutely none!

12. Sleeping Fewer Hours at Night

woman sleeping

Current research has shown a direct association between overweight and the number of hours you sleep at night. A short duration of sleep causes a woman to increase her body mass index.

Are you guilty of committing this mistake of watching your favorite movie at late nights? You’re contributing to sabotaging your weight loss program.

Six to eight hours of sound sleep are recommended to lose that irritating fat-belly.

13. Food Taken Before Workout

I agree with your trainer you should grab something before and after training. However, don’t do it blindly.

A rule of thumb is if you had eaten 3 hours before a workout, just grab a light snack.

Avoid adding more calories when working out!

14. Fast-Food Addicts

Are you fast-food restaurants lover? You’re consuming more than a daily calorie body requirement.

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Fattening ingredients in Starbucks and other coffee shops are preliminaries to sabotaging your weight loss.

Treat yourself once in a while and save yourself from weight gain.

15. Fear that Kettlebell Add Bulk


Women think they will add too much muscle. Don’t worry about this. Your level of estrogen is high and prevents you from building muscle.

It is unlikely that you will build muscles by lifting heavy weights! Contrary, you’ll have a toned body.

16. Avoiding Healthy Fats

Yes, monounsaturated fats will help you lose the annoying abdominal fat. Your waistline is a lover of healthy fats. Do not deny it!

Fish and nuts are rich in Omega-3&6 that will help you hasten your weight loss process.

17. Salt Lovers

Some women are always asking for extra salt in restaurants. “Pass me that salt” is an unavoidable statement.

Do you know the harm you’re doing to your belly? You are helping it retain a lot of water and bloating. Avoid this mistake!

18. High Consumption of Meat

Are you a meathead? If yes, join the team of women who sabotage their weight loss program.

Don’t overlook the facts; meat is a great source of protein. However, eating a lot will lead to high intake of daily calorie.

19. Avoiding Calorie Intake for Later Date

What wrong do I commit here? Well, your body requires a balanced intake throughout the day. Don’t avoid consuming a balanced meal because you have a late date.

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You’ll end up taking in more calories than planned.

A balanced intake will help you avoid cravings and extreme hunger.

20. Post Workout Intake of Coconut Milk

Guilty as charged! Majority of women think coconut milk, ‘being a plant protein’ is healthy to their body. Hell no!

Fat content is high in coconut oil than the proteins. Just keep off! Use a glass of water instead.

21. Changing Diet to Trend


The worst mistake that women make! Don’t just read a magazine or watch the news to make dietary changes. You need more information! Ever noticed that not all vegetarians have toned bodies?

More information concerning dietary changes is necessary, from specialists. Else you’ll deprive your body the necessary calorie-dense. Your guess is as correct as mine, right? More body weight than loss.

22. Low Daily Water Intake

Your water bottle should be your best friend; always next to you. Low water intake affects your appetite and metabolic rate.

Avoid digestive problems by ensuring you take enough water daily and combine it with fiber diets.

23. Failure To Consume beans

Women avoid beans based on theory known by many. They are gassy and bloat our stomach. Well, the final results are well predictable.

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You need to oppose this theory. Women who consume beans have toned bodies. They have slim waistlines.

Solve the challenge by drinking more water.

24. Lack of Menstrual Period Plan

We plan for many activities in our lives. Why not plan for this too? Your monthly periods could affect your weight loss plan.

Ever noted that your stomach bloat during this period? The hormonal cycle is to blame. Just stick to your diet.

25. Overly Consumption of Smoothies

Do you take smooth drink comprising fresh fruit pureed with ice cream, yoghurt or milk after a workout? Right, you need to reconsider the habit.

The consumption of smoothies adds to your calorie consumption. Well, you know the harm you are causing to your weight loss program.

26. Low Vitamin-D Intake

Are you among the people thinking we only find Vitamin-D from sunbathing early in the morning or in milk? Join the team. You are depriving your body of the necessary food component.

Try mushroom during winter. It’ll help you meet the daily intake requirements of Vitamin-D.

27. Replacing Your Meal With Smoothies


Take notes! Nearly 100% of blended smoothies and juices are filled with added sugar. How else could companies make their flavours taste the sweetest?

You need a glass of blended healthy drink? Prepare it at home. Vegetables and fruits should be major ingredients.

28. Don’t focus on Probiotic

Probiotic reduce abdominal obesity. They also lower digestive problems.

A glass of yoghurt a day could help you ensure you have a healthy amount of bacteria in your gut.

29. Overlooking the Importance of Fruits and Vegetables.

Failure to grab a favorite fruit on the farm or vegetables in the market takes you a step closer to sabotaging weight loss.

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Nutritionists recommend a minimum of five fruits for healthy living. Make them your friends and you’ll achieve your flat belly goals.

30. Developing Cravings By Using Social Media And Internet

Did you know the internet contributes to your cravings? And making you fat. All is not lost! Next time you are online, search for healthy snacks and use the internet to your advantage.

The Worst 30 Flat Belly Mistakes Made By Majority of Women


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