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Tips To Be Happy At Work

Are you feeling really down when you wake up in the morning and you have to go to work? Are you feeling tired and unmotivated by your work environment?
If you answer to these questions with yes, then you should know that you don’t have to feel like that, even if your job is not your dream job, because from everything you do you have something to learn and in this way, you will develop certain skills.

Tips To Be Happy At Work
Humans, and not only, have the ability to adapt to certain environments, otherwise it would be an ugly chaos; imagine a mass of people unable to adapt to their daily jobs. Not a beautiful picture, right?

With that being said, how can you make your daily routine feel just a bit more pleasurable in order for you to enjoy the rest of your tasks? Have I made you curious?

If yes, then here they are, tips that help you be happier at work.

1. Become intentional about happiness
Understand that happiness is a state of the mind. Like every other skill, it can be achieved through various steps and actions. You may add bits of it, until you build a great foundation for a long term happiness.

Become intentional about it, and you will see how your mindset will change from ‘happiness is rare’ to ’happiness is achievable’, because everything is born from your perception. Therefore, if you believe it to be true, it will become so.

2. Let morning be your friend
Start your day with your favourite meal. Get up earlier than ever before, and prepare for yourself those yummy breakfasts you missed until now. Once your tummy will dance, your mind will too.

Hence, in the morning, refuse to let your mind wander to work related thoughts and stress that comes with them, and enjoy your breakfast and a really good coffee. And if this combo is not your jam, then find that one thing that will give your day a great kickstart.

Coffee and Journal
It could be reading, or stretching, or running, or meditating, or whatever makes you feel relaxed and good.

If your days will start in such a way, then they will become better and better and your attitude during the day will be definitely improved, and so will your performance.

3. Train your brain once in a while
Realize how you need to break free from your routines and introduce something fun and entertaining to your work life.

Take on a really interesting training and train your brain a little bit. With knowledge, come accomplishments, and with accomplishments comes motivation and self-confidence.

You don’t have to wait for something amazing to happen, instead you can make the first step and make it happen for you. You are the sole responsible for your happiness, hence you have to know how to make yourself happy.

4. Let go of stressful conditions
Become aware that stress comes and goes.You shouldn’t stress over the smallest of things, because sometimes they don’t even matter, and even if they did, under stressful conditions, your brain is not capable to clearly process everything.

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Learn how to balance between stress and relief. While in a stressed environment, remind yourself that this day will never come back and that you have to make the best out of it and that you are fully capable to do so.

In an instant you can shift between being unsure to being totally sure that stress has no place into your life.

5. Plant positivity seeds
Let go of negativity and learn how to give a situation another image by only looking at the bright side. I know it had been said, but it has not been much done, but once you see the bright side in everything you will get how happiness works.

6. Be realistic
Don’t try to do more than you can. You can only do as much as your brain can take. Don’t overwork yourself because you will feel stressed and unhappy. Set the extra tasks aside and enjoy your time.

7. Don’t take anything personal and be more accepting
Take everything as it is, and don’t overthink what people do or say. Be accepting in regards with people’s behaviour and be honest with them and yourself.

8. Take a walk and smile
Walking will free your mind and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Have you heard about smile therapy? You should definitely give it a try as smiling will send happy signals to your brain.

9. Give yourself rewards
Buy that one thing you have been wishing for for such a long time. You will feel good and there‘s absolutely no harm in spending a bit for your well being even if it is a temporary feeling.

10. Make yourself laugh
Make yourself laugh by reading anecdotes or by watching funny videos , if you laugh you will instantly make yourself happy.

11. Crack a joke with your colleagues
Get involved in social encounters. We are social beings and we need healthy interactions with the others. Cracking jokes with your colleagues will make your work relationships better.

12. Buy yourself a journal
Keep track of your behaviour and you will see how your behavioural patterns can be changed. In having a clear evidence of feelings and memories you will be able to improve the things you want to.

13. If nothing works, go job hunting
If nothing works, then it means that your job might not be suitable for you. Go ahead and start job hunt, maybe something more aligned with your skills and desires pops up.

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