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Top 5 Countries With The Best All Year Round Weather

Best All Year Round Weather

Everybody wants to escape their day to day life every once in a while. Vacations are, therefore, important and treasured times in today’s busy and hectic world. They not only provide us with a chance to relax and bond with friends and family, they are an excuse to travel to exotic lands and experience the views and cultures.

When deciding on a vacation spot, it is important to consider the weather. Ideally, you want to vacate when the weather in your destination of choice is favorable for you and all the vacating parties involved. While some countries are restrictive when it comes to favorable weather, others are almost always welcoming. Countries in the tropics often tend to have good all year-round weather when compared to their temperate counterparts. To be more specific, countries around South America, Europe and Africa are known to have beautiful sunny weather all year round.

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To help make the choice of which country to travel to at any time of the year, we took the liberty of compiling a list of five countries with the best weather throughout the year.

5. Kenya
Kenya is located off the coast of the Indian Ocean and occupies 582,000 square kilometers. It is bordered by Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the northeast. It has five major cities namely, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa and Nairobi. The latter is the country’s capital city and is referred to the city under the sun or the city of cool waters.


This East African country is renowned for its cultural diversity, warm and welcoming citizens, pleasant and diverse sceneries and its welcoming weather. Although the weather and general climate in Kenya differs depending on the region, it almost always is warm. The coastal regions of Kenya have a more tropical climate while the central highlands enjoy a more temperate one. The northern parts of the country typically have a hot and dry climate.


A visit to Kenya not only gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather. It provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the various cultures of the country’s 43 tribes. Expats living in Kenya have commended the country for its warm and hospitable people. They have, however, raised concerns over the growing insecurity in the country that was largely as a result of a volatile political season.

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So, if you are yet to visit Africa, you might want to start with Kenya. You are guaranteed a feast for each of your senses.

4. Malta
Malta is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and is the largest of the Maltese archipelago Islands. It covers a total area of 246 square kilometers and has a total population of 409,259 individuals. It is located south of Italy and North of Libya.


It experiences a Sub-Mediterranean climate that is characterized by warm summers that are generally dry and mild winters. Rainfall is often experienced during the winter.

Summers in Malta are typically eight months long, from April to November. The country has a mean annual day temperature of 230C and a night temperature of 160C.

August tends to be the hottest month with a mean monthly temperature of 27.70C. The island receives a total of 3,000 hours of sunshine annually.


The island is a popular tourism destination receiving approximately 1.2 million tourists annually, a majority of whom are medical tourists. Due to the growing tourism industry in and around the island, there has been an increase in the development of tourism related infrastructure. While this development has its benefits, concerns have been raised over the erosion of culture and the history held in the traditional buildings that are being torn down to create room for the high end and modern establishments that are coming up.

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If you are looking for a place to experience summer all year round, then Malta should be one of the destinations to be considered.

3. Panama
This Central American country is said to have surprisingly good weather all year round. It is bordered by Colombia to the south east, the Pacific Ocean to the south, the Caribbean Sea to the North, and Costa Rica to the west.


The country enjoys a tropical climate and has a maximum annual day temperature of 300C and a minimum temperature of 240C. The temperature, however, does not go beyond 320C. As expected, temperatures in the mountainous regions of Panama are slightly cooler than those of the rest of the country. Cerro Punta, Boquete, Santa Fe, El Valle, Volcan and Sora that are in the mountainous regions tend to have temperatures that are approximately 150 lower than the rest of the country. Even so, they are still pretty warm.


The coastal region of the country receives a larger chunk of the rains. Towns along the Caribbean coast receive up to 130 inches of rainfall annually while those on the Pacific coast receives a maximum of 70 inches annually. This rainy season usually lasts from May through to November. The country enjoys sunny summers from December to April. Summers are characterized little to no rain and strong breezes.

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Panama is considered a safe destination owing to the fact that it is away from the hurricane belt.

2. Ecuador


Ecuador’s climate is influenced partly by the country’s varying topographical features and partly by its location. The climatic zones in the country are characterized as equatorial climate, monsoon climate warm desert climate, tropical savanna climate, warm semi-arid climate, cold semi-arid climate, cold desert climate, temperate Mediterranean climate, cool oceanic climate and temperate oceanic climates.


The weather in the coastal regions is largely affected by the ocean currents. These regions receive rainfall between the months of January and April and have an average temperature of 250C. Areas close to the equator such as the city of Quito have a mean day temperature of 210C, a mean night temperature of 100C and an annual mean temperature of 17.80C. These regions experience a dry season from June to September and a wet season that starts in October and runs until May.

1. Costa Rica
It would be hard to describe the weather in Costa Rica as anything but perfect. The country has twelve microclimates distributed throughout the country. There is literally something for everyone. The country is said to have a tropical climate owing to its closeness to the equator. Inhabitants of the country, however, enjoy year-round sunshine, and the best part, no winter! You literally get to enjoy 12 hours soaking in the sun.

Costa Rica

Weather related seasons in Costa Rica are generally categorized as dry or wet season, otherwise known as high or green seasons. The diverse climatic zones experienced in this small country can be attributed to the fact that the country is situated rather close to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The diverse weather coupled with varying topographical features in the country’s landscape result in as diverse a vegetation population as the climate.

Costa Rica

The mean annual temperature is between 210C and 270C with the coolest months being between November and January and the hottest being between March and May. In between the country experiences its rainy season. The heaviest rain in the country is experienced between September and October. In the highland areas, temperatures are much lower with a mean annual of 130C while the lowlands have an annual mean of 260C. The country’s Caribbean coast experiences a near all year wet season thanks to the trade winds that make the place perpetually hot and humid.

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If you are planning on making Costa Rica your next vacation destination, it would be wise to do some homework on the exact place within Costa Rica you intend to visit. This way you get to know exactly what kind of weather to expect and park for.


As important as vacations are, the weather is a huge influencing factor as to whether or not you are going to enjoy your stay in any given place. Having a destination that has favorable weather all year round is definitely bound to be a plus. These five countries are bound to have not only some great weather but breath-taking scenery on which to feast your eyes on; and of course, for those cool social media pics. Whether you are travelling solo or with friends and family, the beautiful weather and breath-taking landscapes coupled with diverse ad reach cultures are a definite recipe for a worthwhile vacation.

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Top 5 Countries With The Best All Year Round Weather

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