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Top Critically Acclaimed Reality Shows On Television

Top Critically Acclaimed Reality Shows On Television

Before we watch any reality show on television we often check for its rating given by the critics, but most often we are more influenced by the opinions of our peers, than by the actual rating.

It is well known the fact that Reality Shows are either successful when they are addressing the vast majority of its target group, or they are unsuccessful when they fail in delivering what people really want to see on television.

Let’s see the top ten of the critically acclaimed Reality Shows of today. Such shows are the ones that have received positive ratings from the critics and have been successful in delivering what the people wanted to see and expected from them.

1. Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen


Who doesn’t know Hell’s Kitchen? You don’t? Then you for sure know who Gordon Ramsay is. Still you don’t? Gordon Ramsay is the most sincere chef, who knows how to put on a show in his kitchen, by roasting everybody who stands in his way. You cannot help yourself but laugh and cry at the same time while hearing him argue with the competitors.

Hell’s kitchen is a cooking competition in which two teams compete for the position of a restaurant’s head chef. Gordon Ramsay challenges the teams in different situations and puts them through rigorous cooking skills tests, acknowledging this way who both knows the most and is also able to upstage the others.

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It was first aired in 2005, and since then it has spread worldwide.

2. Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation


When we were all children, we dreamt of living in a big house, where we would have our own garden and maybe a pool and a lot of space. However, things have changed and many of us lead a minimalist lifestyle, getting tired of the prospect of owning too much of anything and too many things.

Tiny House Nation, has been firstly aired in 2014, while everybody needed more inspiration to be brave and go towards that lifestyle they have aspired to lead. Both the hosts of Tiny House Nation, and renovation professionals, John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, are helping people all over America to downsize their homes with smart tricks.

3. Little People Big World

Little People Big World


Since 2006, Little People Big World follows the world of the Matt and Amy Roloff’s family, who are both four feet tall.

They also have four children and while the show and their lives go on, Matt and Amy become grandparents and are fighting to keep their farms working. This reality show brings to our attention the problems and challenges a below the average tall person faces in their life.

4. Keeping up with the Kardashians

Keeping up with the Kardashians


I believe it to be true when I affirm that there is no one in this world who has not seen at least once one member of the Kardashian and Jenner family. The most controversial family in Hollywood is the one that Kris Jenner managed to make famous. Following her parents examples, first to catch the media’s attention was Kim Kardashian, now Kim Kardashian West.

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Along this series, the sisters, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie, and their peers manage to create their own careers and keep us hooked on being curious about their lives. How can you not be curious when all the media is talking about them and the things they have done?

5. The Bachelor

The Bachelor


It’s thrilling to watch, this one! How can you go wrong with beautiful people and love? The answer is that you definitely cannot.

During several weeks, a bachelor is dating several women to see with whom he is more compatible to be in a relationship. Spikes and strikes, this reality show is one which will keep you waiting to see if he chooses the girl you think should win his heart or not.

6. The Voice

The Voice


The Voice is a competition for the best voices who are searched by four famous artists in America. They mentor these voices, and after many duels and challenges, America chooses that one voice who managed to capture the attention.

7. 90 Days to Wed

90 Days to Wed

90 Days to Wed is a reality show in which couples struggle with the system to get married and move to America.

If you decide to watch this one, embrace yourself as a lot of drama will be made available to you. Strange situations and people who will do anything for a green card, will leave you raising your eyebrow.

8. Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress


And keeping with the theme of weddings, Say Yes to the Dress is everybody’s favourite. So many pretty dresses are waiting to be tried on. And they will be, but maybe the bride decides it is not the one.

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You thought it to be easy, getting married? Then think twice, because even if the woman will say yes to her partner, will she still say yes to the dress?

9. Survivor



This is the show in which a group of people is left in a remote location with almost nothing more than the clothes they are dressed in at that time. Full of challenges to survive, the one that manages to “survive” wins a million dollars. You wouldn’t say no to that, would you?

10. Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations

Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations


Andrew Zimmern travels the world to taste the most bizarre foods and shows us the way they are prepared. In doing so, he is getting accustomed to the region’s culture and at the same time making us willing to go there by ourselves.

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Top Critically Acclaimed Reality Shows On Television

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