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Top Facts About USA That You Must Know

                USA is one of the most popular countries of the world. There are a lot of amazing things about this beautiful country. However, there are some really amazing facts that even a lot of Americans didn’t know about. Keep on reading this article and check out some really amazing and interesting facts about USA.

· The American Flag with the 50 stars was actually designed by a 17 year old teen in 1958 as a school project. And guess what, he got a B- in that project.

· American Air force is the largest Air Force in the world. However, the world’s second biggest Air Force is the both American Navy Air Force and Marine Corps.

· Meanwhile, all American restaurants and fast food centers are selling such a large amount of pizzas that enough to cover 100 acres.

· One out of ten American could be the blood relatives of the first 102 travelers who in the year 1620 landed abroad the Mayflower. In any case, Americans trust these myths about Thanksgiving.

· As indicated by the World Giving Index, as compared to any other country, the people in America are most likely to help the strangers.

· The famous and successful Apple Company has more money than the whole American Treasury.

· In Montana, there is greater number of cows as compared to the humans.

· Just one Person in America uses the same number of resources as the 32 Kenyans use as a whole.

· America has no official language. However, most of the people just speak in English.

· Every one out of three person in America are overweight.

· In America, it is legal for kids to purchase a cigarette but it is illegal for them to smoke.

· We all know that the first person to land on the moon was an American but, about 27% of Americans don’t trust that USA actually landed astronauts on the moon.

· A Black man was the first person who owned a slave for the first time in America.

· According to a study, an average person in USA spends less than 5 years at a single job.

· Each year, about 40 percent of babies are conceived by unmarried females in America.

· Every day, American eats up to 2 million chickens.

· The largest amount of petrol in the whole world is consumed by Americans.

· The largest state in America i.e. Alaska, was actually purchased from Russia in the year 1867.

· George Washington rung the Liberty Bell for the last time at his Birthday in 1846. The bell got some fatal crack just after few hours.

· Each year in California, up to five million detectable seismic tremors occur.

Top Facts About USA That You Must Know

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