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Want Your Ex Back? Don’t Talk for 30 Days

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Silent treatment quickly ruins a relationship. Constant communication is the better option compared to avoiding to talk. If you are too angry to talk to a lover, there is a right way to use the silent treatment appropriately to solve conflicts. Since finding the right words to express your anger is barely possible when you are angry, it is critical to avoid the issue. You should be careful because too much silence wrecks relationships.

Too much talking in a marriage about feelings and problems can create a wedge between partners too. In a case where a partner talks too much, it is wise to try avoiding communication for some time. Women are mostly the ones who like to talk much. Most husbands are not comfortable with too many words when trying to find solutions.

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In the case of an ex, silent treatment has varied results. You are highly likely to restore a relationship with your ex when you use a long-term silent treatment exercise. Here is how a 30-day silent treatment can help you win your ex back.

Keeping Distance

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Admittedly, there are no specified rules in romance. Every couple experience unique series of things that shape the adventure. Keeping distance has worked with many lovers who want their exes back but is not the ultimate way to win exes. It is not the secret to win a dating game so be aware before making a decision on going silent on someone.

The No Contact Rule

Post-break up solutions include avoiding contact with the person for some time. 30 days of silence is a general rule that has worked for many people. Wanting to restore a broken relationship needs ‘letting go’ for a while.

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This No Contact Rule requires total separation from the person. You need to cut all communication and meetings with your ex for a month after the break-up. Resist the urge to call the person by losing the number and avoiding common places of meetings. The rule requires a stop to texting, calling, emailing, liking posts on social media, letters, or any other form of communication.

Is the No Contact rule practical?

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Although most people understand and agree with the theoretical part of the rule, they are adamant to proceed with the silence. They worry about the ex’s reaction to the process of this lack of communication. This is understandable too but it is important to resist the urge and fear of losing the person.

Fearing on the failure of the plan puts you in a worse situation. Most people who worry about the reaction of their exes, suffer from inferiority complex. They focus on the other person rather than the benefits they stand to gain.

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The rule is meant to be on the person’s perspective and not their partner. A partner who leaves should give you the time and opportunity to shift your perspective. To perpetuate this shift, you need to maintain a personal perspective towards the relationship.

The Importance of Silent Treatment

Contrary to common perception, the No Contact Rule is not meant to make your ex miss you. This is likely to happen but is not the aim of the rule. It is tailor-made to help you and not the other person. It gives you time to learn more about yourself and the relationship.

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Apart from learning your personality and how to relate, you also learn how to respect your partner’s choice to leave. You will be able to honor their decision. As a result, you gain strength, resolve, independence, and self-worth, among other positive traits.

Even if you display these traits, chances are that your efforts will fall on deaf ears. In your absence and silence, they are likely to realize these things. Silence speaks volumes and will make partners learn a lot about themselves as well as their partners.

You do not need to converse to communicate. We all know how non-verbal communication is effective. This means that even if you are silent, you are still communicating. Action and inactivity all work towards communicating. Lack of direct contact is also part of obedience to the No Contact Rule.


Silence reflects more about your personality and character than approaching your ex to save the relationship. Your refusal to call them says more than looking for them to beg for their return.

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The result of the month-long silent treatment is worth it. It does not matter if it gets you back together or apart, the result is deserved. The level of effort will determine whether it works for you or against you. Appreciate the result at the end of the practice because it is a clear answer to your way forward.

How to execute the 30-day Silent Treatment Rule

Following the No Contact Rule is not easy especially if you love this person. You need to try to be resilient with the silence and avoid begging your way back. To achieve the best results in the silent-treatment period, observe the following;

Focus on one thing; yourself

Stay silent to improve your personality and resilience. Increase your strength by hiring a life coach or mentor. Alternatively, you may find a hobby or engage in yoga. Other options include; joining a gym or book club.

Want Your Ex Back? Don't Talk for 30 Days


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