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What Is The Internet Of Things (IoT)?

What Is The Internet Of Things 
                The Internet of Things can be described as a connection or link-up of physical electronic devices with the aim of connecting them together, to the internet and sharing resources with other internet enabled devices.

The Internet of Things is also referred to as connected devices and these devices include computers, smartphones and every other device that has the ability to communicate over a network such as a door lock that works with Bluetooth, a garage door opener or even a blood pressure monitor.

The list of devices is endless and could encompass a wide range of devices, as long as the device can be connected to another device.

The Concerns Surrounding The Internet of Things
There have been different concerns across a lot of quarters about the safety and viability of Internet of things and the major concern has been the safety of the data being shared among devices. The aim of Internet of Things is to have a lot of devices connected and sharing information.

There is the tendency of a lot of information getting shared and this volume of information could get intercepted. Such breach of information breach could be dangerous as sensitive information might be stolen and used for malicious purposes. Imagine having your fitness tracker hacked into thereby providing access into your home network.

What kind of impact does IoT have on you?
In the near future what we will really have is the ability to connect just about anything. What then would be the point of connecting so many things to each other? Imagine your car having access to your calendar and your schedule, then your car will be able to take you through the best and faster route so you can make it in time for the next meeting.

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Or, imagine your alarm going off at 6 am and automatically turning on your coffee maker so it can start brewing coffee. What if your office equipment could automatically order for more supplies when it runs low on supply? Makes a whole lot of sense right? That is what the Internet of Things aims to achieve in order to make life easier for you.

Staying Safe
With time, as The Internet of Things develops and people get properly acquainted with it, more will be known about how to stay safe and the different threats that may arise. For now, however, staying safe means to be armed with all the available information about your internet enabled devices so as to know what works and what not to do.

Future of Internet of Things
As mentioned earlier, the aim of IoT is to get a lot of devices connected and sharing information, the future of Internet of Things is to get billions of devices connected to the internet. This is projected to be a way of life over the next couple of years.

With the full adoption of The Internet of Things, it is expected to help us monitor our homes and businesses from anywhere and anytime.

IoT will provide real-time information through connected devices that will function independently while sharing access and information.

What Is The Internet Of Things (IoT)

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