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What Is Your Pets Expected LifeSpan?

The role of pets in today’s society cannot be ignored. In a man eat man society; we all need that safe place to run to at the end of the day. For most people, their pets provide that feeling of safety and comfort that they need.
The companionship and warmth of a pet are not only important in safeguarding the mental and emotional health of adults. Pets also provide children with a companion and a playmate with whom they can practice their social skills. For some children, having a pet is their earliest exposure to genuine and unconditional friendship.
Given the emotional and sentimental attachment that we have to our pets, it is no wonder that the death of these companions can be rather traumatic for their owners. Knowing the expected lifespan of your pet is therefore important in order to prepare yourself both mentally and emotionally for the loss of your trusted companion.

The average lifespan of any animal, humans included, is a factor of many different variables. The species, breed, nutrition, health, and lifestyle of your pets will play a key role in determining how long they live. The treatment and care they receive is another key determinant of the number of years that you get to enjoy each other’s company.

For a long time, cats and dogs have been the poster children for pets. This is, however, changing with the inclusion of birds, rodents, reptiles, and amphibians in the pets list. Now that we have a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to pet selection, let’s look at some of the most common pets and their expected lifespans.


Cats are some of the most common pets around the globe. You are likely to bump into more cats than dogs in any neighborhood. Think of it the number of times you hear of a cat lady versus the number of times you hear about a dog lady! The average lifespan of a cat ranges between 12 and 15 years depending on the factors earlier mentioned.

Some cats, however, surpass this average clocking over 20 years of age. The oldest cat to have ever lived was recorded to have been a whopping 38 years. It might look like a small deal but in cat years, this cat was basically Methuselah.


Another people’s favorite when it comes to pets is the dog. Also referred to as ‘man’s best friend’, dogs are important not only for companionship and emotional support but as a guide and helper for people with various disabilities.

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The life expectancy of your dog will be dependent on the size, breed, nutrition, and health of your dog. Like humans, smaller dogs tend to outlive their larger counterparts. Chihuahuas, for example, are known to outlive larger species such as the Great Dane. The latter has an average life expectancy of between six and eight years while the former has been recorded to live to be over 20 years. Pet management practices such as neutering or spaying of dogs have been found to increase their life expectancy.

The dog that holds the record for having lived the longest is, however, a dog named Bluey. This Australian cattle dog is said to have died at the age of 29 years.

Guinea Pigs Guinea Pig
Every time a guinea pig is mentioned, the minds of many people almost immediately shift to a lab experiment. While they have made significant contributions in the scientific world, they also make for rather adorable pets.

These furry little creatures have a lifespan of between four and six years. Like other pets, this lifespan is dependant on the breed of the guinea pig, its diet as well as its health and care. Hairless species, for example, have been found to live a much shorter life than those with hair.


Mention a hamster and you automatically begin to imagine a little rodent running on a wheel. Hamsters have over the years gained popularity as a pet especially amongst children. The life expectancy of hamsters ranges between one and three years depending on the species of hamster.

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The larger Roborovski hamster is estimated to achieve a life expectancy of three and a half years while their dwarf counterparts (The Chinese dwarf hamster and the Winter White Russian) have an estimated life expectancy of two years.


Goldfish have for a long time been part of modern-day households. How long your pet goldfish lives is determined not only by species, diet, and genetic related factors. Factors such as space and water temperature also affect the quality of life and consequently the length of life of our goldfish.

The life expectancy of a pet goldfish is estimated at a maximum of ten years while that of ‘wild’ goldfish is said to be 25 years on average.

Parrots Parrot
Parrots probably take the cake when it comes to a pet’s lifespan. Depending on the species of parrot, these birds can survive for anywhere between five years and over a hundred years.
It is no wonder that these birds made for a pirate’s trusty companion.


Another longtime life partner is the tortoise. Tortoises have often been depicted as slow but wise animals in folklore around the world. They have an average lifespan of between 50 and 100 years.

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These are the types of pets best suited for people who do not have commitment issues. One hundred years is a long time to take care of another creature!
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What Is Your Pets Expected LifeSpan?

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