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What Kind Of Devices Are Considered Internet Of Things Devices?

What Kind Of Devices Are Considered Internet Of Things Devices 
                The term “Internet of Things” has been mentioned across different quarters and maybe once or more, you have come across the term in an advertisement, article or during a discussion with a friend. The term is quite a broad term and of course, it could encompass a lot of things.

The Internet of Things can be described as a network of connected objects that are capable of collecting and exchanging data with the aid of sensors that have been embedded in them. There are some devices that can be used in an Internet of Things setup and this article will be discussing what kind of devices they are, with relevant examples.

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Smart Home
Presently, the smart home is about the most well-known Internet of things application because individuals can easily afford it and can be easily acquired too. There are a lot of products available in the market today which are all smart home products.

The Amazon Echo is one, the Nest Thermostat is another. These devices can be controlled by the user with utmost convenience in order to keep their lives more connected.

Wearables and Accessories
A lot of tech accessories are no longer used for their primary functions anymore. Watches like the Apple Watch are not only used for telling time anymore. Users can easily perform regular smartphone functions with them such as making phone calls, playing music, sending and receiving text messages, amongst other functions.

Devices such as Jawbone and Fitbit have made exercising more fun and advanced by way of keeping individuals abreast of their workout data and statistics.

Smart Cities
With Internet of Things, every day, real problems faced by people can be solved. With the right connections, data and accurate statistics, city issues like crime, traffic congestion, pollution can be reduced to the barest minimum.

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Smart Cars and Connected Cars
These types of cars come with internet access and other cars can also access the internet by means of shared access. These cars can connect with one another in ways similar to connecting to a wireless network in an office or home.

A lot of vehicles are being made to come with this functionality so, in the near future, it is expected to have more apps designed for cars.

Specific Examples of Internet of Things Devices and Applications

Amazon Echo (Smart Home)
The Amazon Echo works with its voice assistant, Alexa which users can talk to, to get things done.

With Alexa, users only need to talk to it and it will perform automated functions like playing music, give weather report, call for an Uber and many other functions.

Fitbit One (Wearables and Accessories)
With the Fitbit one, users can track how much calories have been burned, how many stairs or floors climbed and how much quality sleep they are getting.

Fitbit One also synchronizes wirelessly with smartphones and computers so you can easily monitor your progress in formats that are easily understood.

Barcelona (Smart City)
In the city of Barcelona, Spain, The Internet of Things initiative has been adopted and this has eased the lifestyle of people living in the city through ways such as smart parking etc.

AT & T (Smart and Connected Car)
AT & T is a leading network in the world and towards the end of the past year, more than one million cars were added to the network thereby making the total number of connected cars on the network to about 9.5 million.

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