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Which Zodiac Signs Should Capricorn Date

Which Zodiac Signs Should Capricorn Date

A like-minded sign works for you. Why? Because Capricorns are known as strict folk, with high demands and tight principles. They’re hard on themselves and others, and few people can actually adapt to their demands – except for other Capricorns.

It’s really an “idealist meets idealist” scenario. Both of you expect the best from each other, and that’s what you give. So you end up with a relationship that’s stable, operates at its best, and can ride out discomforts with ease!

In fact, what makes those relationships a great success is the long-term orientation of each partner, and that’s why a like-minded match is excellent!

One of your top values is stability, and a Virgo certainly makes that a reality. After all, they’re an earth sign just like you. So they always seek a relationship that’s grounded and functioning smoothly.

Plus, a Virgo is a very dedicated partner, so you have someone trustworthy nearby. But, do note that your high standards are rarely reached by people, Virgos included. Even though a Virgo will try their hardest, you shouldn’t expect excess hard work like you.

But on the plus side, a Virgo brings variety to a relationship. They’re energetic and upbeat, and they’ll bring to you more softness and emotionality.

Plus, they’re quite submissive, so they work well for bed intimacy, and they certainly match your love for control and setting the pace!

Just like Capricorns and Virgos, Taurus is an earth sign (this is really vital for Capricorn relationships). Thus, a Taurus also brings an earthy grounding.

However, they don’t do it by being adaptable. Instead, a Taurus is more business oriented, and usually takes the initiative.

That attitude gets taken to a relationship, where both of you take it seriously. In fact, values of commitment and loyalty are a strong trait of this tie!

Don’t expect too much flirting. And this is excellent, since Capricorns tend to be straight forward with a “no mind games” attitude.

However, expect to see more sensual pleasure from a Taurus, which is their main trait. So expect your relationship to be filled with luxury and intense sexual fun!


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