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Which Zodiac Signs Should Leo Date

Which Zodiac Signs Should Leo Date

Both Leos and Libras love play, so you’ll find a common interest with one. Add to that their love of your flirtatious nature, and you’ll always feel energized around them!

Plus, as a Leo, you have a need for constant attention and validation, and that’s something a Libra can fulfill with ease.

However, note that this relationship can be a little dramatic, but that’s what makes it fun. And this never-ending fun keeps the chemistry going non-stop!

Just like a Virgo match, an Aries is another supporter of fun, only at a more extreme level. Both of your natures play off each other, where you’ll notice your passion for experiencing life.

In fact, Aries and Leo relationships are known as quite manic (positively), so they bring much motivation and inspiration!

Those relationships are like blazes of emotionality. They’re explosive and passionate, and you’ll feel your romantic side expressing itself easily.

Plus, the sex is amazing too, and the tone and rhythm will never calm down with an Aries!

Leos are fiery fun flirts, and they usually need some realism. If so, a Virgo is an excellent match, and their attitudes both compensate yours while helping you develop.

With a Virgo, you’ll learn that responsibilities matter, and you shouldn’t procrastinate on them for the sake of fun!

Plus, Virgos are natural caretakers. They’ll provide a sense of structure to your life, as you provide them the affection and love they need. And, they’re also appreciative of complements (they can get red in the face from one).

So, trust us, Virgos can be quite shy people, and your affective behavior is bound to make them swoon!


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