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Which Zodiac Signs Should Pisces Date

Which Zodiac Signs Should Pisces Date

It’s an interesting match, and for reasons that many sign pairings don’t share! You see, both of you share many “strong similarities” and “stark differences!”

Let’s start with the differences. Sagittarius folk are known as bold and energetic, and this may be too much at first.

However, they know how to turn that into charisma, which will make you swoon. After all, your sign is the most emotionally sensitive and attuned, and a fatal attraction is a must happen!

As for similarities, you both share the planet of luck, Jupiter. So you’re both optimistic and spontaneous, while retaining a strong sense of independence.

And those energies play off each other, where you’ll both respect each other’s attitude, but you’ll always look forward to more!

They’re your opposite, and for that reason, they make a good match for you. While you as a Pisces are open, emotional, and hate being bound by the real world, Capricorns are the reverse.

They’re serious, strict, and always hands-on. In a sense, you’re both from different worlds, and everything you bring one another is unique and exciting!

Obviously, this means that the chemistry between you is strong. But that won’t come quick, as a Capricorn might dismiss you at first for being flighty, while you might see them as impenetrable.

Yet, when you do finally open up, you can bring out the best from each other! So expect to fall madly in love with one another. After all, that’s how it usually is with opposites!

While you do share little with Libra, we feel they can fit you well. For starters, you’re a water sign, and this makes you more emotional yet in need for occasional privacy.

A Libra on the other hand is an air sign, and they’re more intellectual and dynamic in their approach. And guess what they need most? It’s your emotionality!

Your emotions don’t scare Libras away – it actually makes them intrigued. Plus, they love commitment. Add to that they’re a partner that loves fun, and you have someone that’s very understanding of you.

They can be quite romantic, and their intellectual yet spontaneous attitude can soften your emotional rollercoaster. Plus, you’ll feel safer being imaginative around them, which is always a positive!


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