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Which Zodiac Signs Should Sagittarius Date

Which Zodiac Signs Should Sagittarius Date

The perfect match for you is someone who’s just like you. After all, your traits multiplied play off each other well!

For starters, both of you are optimistic yet balanced. And with a double dose, you can coast through rough times with ease.

Plus, you’re both adventurous with a love of play. And this applies in the bedroom as much as the outdoors!

And if you’re wondering, imagine a never-ending life of exploration. You’re always out on date nights, hikes, camping, and shopping! You’re visiting night clubs and travelling non-stop. And isn’t that what a fun loving sign like yours desires?

You know what you both have in common? That would be stubbornness.

While a drawback at first glance, it’s actually the main trait that powers this relationship. You see, this is a pair of talks and communication. You’re both debating, sharing opinions, and analysing stuff together.

It’s a never-ending mental stimulation between you two. And when you add to that your explorative nature, you’ll end up amassing many topics to talk about!

You’ll both feed each other’s energies. An Aquarius does it with their capacity to look at the big picture. And you do it by being the present “in the moment” partner!

While a Sagittarius is a fire sign, a Pisces is a water. So at first glance, you might assume that both of you have nothing in common – even worse you antagonize one another.

Yet we assure you, this isn’t the case at all! Both of you know how to shift for each other’s needs, and this is due to your natural adaptability! Plus, both of you are quite independent types, so you understand each other’s need for privacy and time out!

Oddly enough, this relationship works since you both don’t like commitment. At heart, you’re both liberal-minded, and this understanding strengths your bond.

Add to that the fact that you can both develop great trust with one another, and you’ll find yourself with a partner that you can’t stop thinking about!

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