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Why Modern Day Relationships Are Failing Very Easily

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Why do we have many failed relationships nowadays? Statistics has it right; many relationships do not reach their ultimate goal of living happily thereafter.

It is always easy to fall in love. But the road ahead is rocky and requires commitments, compromises and a lot of sacrifices that make a relationship endure. You can only enjoy the fruits of being in a relationship if you can overcome these hurdles.

A relationship will fall apart if you aren’t ready to invest your time in it, your ultimate dedication and your heart.  

Here, we have given attention to the root causes of broken relationships. When you’re done reading this comprehensive article, you will have complete know-how of building a healthy relationship. Besides, you’ll get enough reasons why modern day relationships are failing very easily. 

You can bear me witness that the feeling of being in love is the best ever! Couples feel like they own the universe; very sweet at the beginning and painful at the end if it falls apart.

Partners in romantic relationships need to understand all the realms of falling in love. Everything changes, so are the people. And this change is the core reason for the problems you will face in a relationship.

Overcoming changes will ensure a long lasting relationship while failure will be its ultimate killer.

Let us cover the main 6 reasons why modern relationships are failing very easily and some tips that will help you endure downfalls.

1. Failure to trust each other

Couple Trust

You can’t agree with me more, lack of trust is one of the number killers of many relationships. Lack of trust between partners happens differently. Distrust makes partners doubt each other and feel uncomfortable in their presence. It begins when you start having thoughts that your partner has betrayed you either emotionally or physically.

If you do not resolve trusts issues in your relationship, you will eventually experience its downfall.

Ways you can use to overcome lack of trust in a relationship

Did you know openness and honesty are the major components of a successful marriage or a relationship?

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It is your duty to be always honest, truthful and open to your partner. This will help you avoid uncalled for suspicions that causes unhealthy relationship. Having open thoughts and feelings could help you solve almost all trust issues in a relationship.

To sum it up, always make sure you have left no room for trusts issues in every stage of your relationship.

2. Egocentricity


The naked truth is we all have Ego. Major disputes, cold war and misunderstandings in relationships are caused by the demon called ‘EGO’.

Identifying and letting your ego down is the beginning of allowing love to flow between two parties. Looking for mistakes of others and their ego only shows our own ego. You want your love to blossom, learn how to tame your ego.

If you allow ego to take over, you’ll always aim to get things done your way. And prioritize on your own contribution and sacrifices at the expense of your partner.

It takes two for the love to flourish; you can’t take a domineering role in a relationship.

It is just a matter of time and ego will destroy your relationship by scaring your partner away from your union slowly.

Ways of overcoming ego issues

First, learn to appreciate your partner with all their weaknesses and strengths. No ‘man’ is perfect hence the need to be kind and considerate to make your relationship work.

Avoid ‘me’ in your conversations and use ‘we’ instead. It’s not okay to make everything about you.

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Their decisions and opinions could be irrational. Appreciate them anyway! The best feeling in a relationship is when you know your partner aims to satisfy your needs. 

Quarrels are unavoidable in a relationship. For this reason, your aim should be to mend the differences and compromise, if need be, irrespective of who wronged the other.

Focus on managing your ego rather than allowing your relationship to fail. Always aim to ensure your relationship is healthy by starving your ego. 

3. Compatibility issues

Compatibility issues

A strong house is determined by the quality of its foundation. So are the relationships. They don’t fall because there isn’t love; they are failing because of compatibility issues.

Some people work hard to ensure that their relationships stand all tribulations. However, their poor foundation won’t allow them to last long to share the joy of being in love.

Incompatible partners experience a lot of frustrations. And the relationship is doomed to fail.

Ways to overcome compatibility problems

Is there a single person on earth who‘s compatible with you in all aspects? The answer is… No! The hurting truth is that the person you love won’t share similar interests with you. It’s even more painful to know their feelings, views and thoughts will differ from yours.

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What can you do to make it work then? It is simple. Know their tastes; why they like, their preferences and encourage them enthusiastically.

You don’t have to restrict yourself or limit your options. Respect views of your partner and cherish them; just the way they are.

Healthy relationships come with responsibilities. You should aim to support and respect your differences. 

You can always find your compatible person who will appreciate and value you as you want. It only requires time; just a little longer.

4. Poor communication

Poor communication

No single kind of relationship can succeed without proper communication. Poor communication can be the first step to your ending tie.

Do you wonder why those close to you are the ones who hurt you the most and vice versa? The answer is poor communication. The closer you are to a person the higher your chances of communicating and expressing your feelings to them. They could be positive or negative feelings.

Proper communication will hence be a key for you to avoid ruining the beautiful feeling you share.

Did you know the happiest couples have conflicts too? The only thing they do differently is communicating well to solve their differences.

Ways to overcome communication challenges

Poor communication causes misunderstanding which is one of the reasons why modern day relationships are failing very easily. 

Various factors affect our patterns of communication, for instance, your background, environmental exposures among others.

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The simple rules of thumb are ‘be kind with your words’ and listen more and speak a little less. You should be open to each other and express your feeling in a more humane manner. Avoid reintroducing past issues to the current issue. Instead, try to find solutions to the current disputes. 

Make a point of speaking to your partner daily. This is more so if your partner is miles away.

5. Anger

Angry Couple

We occasionally experience the feeling of displeasure or annoyance. Excessive anger among partners is one of the primary reasons why modern relationships are failing very easily. Ability to control and avoid extremes that last too long could prevent relationship breakdown.

Various factors could cause anger in relationships and they include;

  • Frustration
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Failing plans
  • Wrong accusations and mistreatments.
  • Work pressure
  • Financial issues among others….

Anger feeling is normal, however, when mishandled or expressed wrongly can hurt others and self. 

Anger can control your actions, feelings and thoughts. It is hence advisable you learn to control and tame your anger.

Ways to overcome anger.

  • Calm yourself and think of effective ways of dealing with your anger.
  • Find the best ways of managing your issues that will not hurt your partner.
  • Learn how to deal with stress without expressing negative feelings to your loved ones.
  • Don‘t utter any word that can harm your relationship.
  • Avoid serious discussion with your partner when you are tired.
  • Engage yourself in a relaxation activity to calm your anger

Remember, regrets come after. You can hurt those you love easily and blame it on anger later.

6. Insufficient time with your partner

Time Hour Glass

Quality time with your loved one works miracles! Failure to spend enough time with your partners is one of the primary reasons why modern relationships are failing very easily.

Modern day couples are slaves of technology; they are always on their smartphones. They don’t value the quality time they could enjoy being together.

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Work commitments and family responsibilities are also affecting the time modern couples share. Well, we need to work for a living. But don’t prioritize work over your relationship.

In a nutshell, lack of time brings unhappiness in a relationship and creates opportunities for the breakup.

Ways to overcome time issues

It is just simple; spend quality time with your loved one. It could be by:

  • Setting aside a few hours in a day to share quality time with your partner.
  • Taking a walk together especially for married couples.
  • Schedule at least a monthly date. It will help to ignite your passion.
  • Planning for a trip for you and your partner.

Important points to Note

Why modern day relationships are failing very easily?

Couples do not understand simple points. A relationship is not a bed of roses. At times, there are thorns to deal with.

Avoid giving up on your relationship easily. Stand firm by your partner. He/she is all you got. Take good care of them despite their faults because a perfect relationship only exists in our minds.

Eventually, no one is right all the times. And grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. Don’t leave your relationship for a few faults. Accept your partner imperfections to make your relationship perfect.

Why Modern Day Relationships Are Failing Very Easily


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