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World Best Motivational Speakers You Should Listen To Today

Best Motivational Speakers 
We all need a bit of inspiration when the days get rough and luckily we are now living in an era which encourages the freedom of expression more than ever before. There are so many materials available for you to scroll through, and so many videos comprising of motivational speeches and creative content, that it should be really easy for you to get yourself back on the road and fight for that one dream you have, or starting with baby steps as well.
Are you feeling down and it seems like you have literally no energy left to do that one last task left on your to-do-list? Is the weather a bit too cold and the people around you a bit too tired?
If your answer is yes to either of these questions or to others, you definitely need some extra motivation to do more without necessarily changing the external factors, but rather feeding energy to your intrinsic motivativators.
To do so, here are the best motivational speakers you should listen to today. If you find yourself procrastinating right now, do not waste more of your time and open your mind to the speakers who spoke their heart out, their experiences and the most valuable pieces of advice. These are the people who will make you want to change your status and shift your mindset.
And why not, maybe someday you will become them.

Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins’ motto is ‘Transform your life. Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be’. Everything is said with this one, isn’t it? But who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins


He is an American entrepreneur, who is an expert in business strategy and a dedicated philanthropist. He is the author of six best selling books, including ‘Unlimited power’.
Needless to say, he is the the founder of various companies in distinct fields of industry, and the sales of these build up to $5 billions. Along with these, he has changed millions of lives, through his training programs and motivational speeches. He is advising us ‘to walk our talk’.


Where did it all begin? He lived in an ‘chaotic and abusive’ home, thus at only 17 years old he left it for good and began his journey alone. Starting to work as a promoter for seminars for Jim Rohn in the same year, he observed this world of motivational speeches and later, after only 3 years, he learned what business really meant.

Having to provide for himself, and never attending college, he worked hard to achieve the career he has today. The most known motivational speeches or seminars he has held are ‘Date with Destiny’, ‘Life and Wealth Mastery’ and ‘Why we do what we do’, from Ted Talks.
Unarguably, there are too many to count here, thus take this matter into your own hands, and ‘unleash’ the power you hold beneath all the frustration you display.
Nick Vujicic
You think you have so many things missing from your life and that you don’t have too many things to be grateful for at the same time? Think twice, because Nick Vujicic has been born with a rare disease, tetra-amelia syndrome, which manifests itself as the absence of limbs, both legs and arms, and it may seem that he did not let this interfere with his potential and, ultimately, happiness.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is a Serbian-Australian motivational speaker, who managed to find the answers of his life at the moment and is sharing the secret with us all. He found comfort in his belief, being an Evangelist and understood that life is not a general notion, defining itself through the challenges and the uniqueness with which it is given to us.

In 2005, he founded ‘Life without limbs’, an association helping people to accept their differences and have an easier life. From there on he keeps on inspiring people from all around the world. He has been living a perfectly normal life and he is truly an inspiration of how a life is worth living when the right mindset is obtained.

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Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life’ is one of his well known books, and many more inspiration sources are available from him. He has tried to put a stop sign on the ignorance of the people around him, and has demonstrated since then that whenever you reach an obstacle, you most certainly can overcome it.

Les Brown
Les Brown tells us that we all ‘have greatness within’ us and we cannot deny that, because when things align, everything works like magic. And you cannot deny magic, can you?

Les Brown

Les Brown is an American world best known motivational speaker, who was mistakenly labeled as being ‘educable mentally retarded’ in elementary school. Adding to this, he was abandoned as a baby, later to be adopted by his adoptive mother, who was a single mother.
He has encountered various problems as a child, however, he managed to achieve his potential.
His personal life is the catalyst to his best speeches. Hitting the rock bottom of this life as a child, he has learned, with the support of his adoptive mother and a teacher from school, to work hard in order to get what he wants.

Les Brown’s audio series ‘Choosing Your Future’ is still one which is considered to be the most efficient and inspirational one of his teachings. What more could you wish for than the existence of a man who tried and tried and finally succeeded, while fighting for his dreams? My answer would be nothing.

‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.’

Malcolm Gladwell
Malcolm Gladwell is an English Canadian journalist, speaker and author. He was not performing all too well in college and due to this he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in advertising.

Rejections came from all of the advertising agencies. However, he finally obtained a journalist job for The American Spectator.

Malcolm Gladwell

Later, he wrote for The New Yorker, as he is still doing, and gained popularity the moment when asked to write an article about fashion, he decided to write about a man who manufactured $8 T-shirts. This is marked as being the beginning of his career of the man we know today.
The man who emphasised on the idea that we can find interesting things in the most common situations.
Moreover, he introduced the idea that ‘talent is a myth’, and in his book, ‘Outliers’, he explains how practice yields to ‘talent’. He has written five books in total, and his speech for Ted Talks, ‘Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce’, is one to be remembered.
Brian Tracy
If you want to become better at sales, time management, business, leadership, public speaking, book writing or you just want to start within yourself by learning more about personal development, Brian Tracy seems to have it all done for you.

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a Canadian American author and motivational speaker. It may seem exaggerated to say so at first, but he has written over seventy books along his long career. He has achieved a successful career by helping people and by sharing important knowledge.
‘Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’
Psychology of achievement’ is a video-audio program which is the most successful one from him. It was translated into 28 languages worldwide.
Suze Orman
People are often struggling with financial management skills, and more often than that they have tried to find a better solution to their problems. Suze Orman is an author, a motivational speaker and, most importantly, a financial advisor.

Suze Orman Source

Graduating from Social Work field, she worked as a waitress to pay for her education debts. Following this, she opened a restaurant, while struggling to manage the finances. To do such an investment, she needed a representative from Merrill Lynch.

However, this investment went downhill, but she managed to train as an account executive for Merrill Lynch.

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Needless to say, she achieved experience and knowledge into finance, and now is sharing pieces of advice to the ones who desperately need to unburden themselves of their financial struggles.

Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson once said

‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.’

Therefore, life is comprised of nothing but our ability to accept who we are and how powerful we can get.

Marianne Williamson Source

She is an American author and spiritual teacher who has written twelve books in total. She believes that love can conquer the hatred inspired and spread by the America’s political system, and is now focused on shifting the planes towards love and acceptance.

John Maxwell
John Maxwell is the writer of ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’ and he is an expert in everything that is concerned with Leadership and the power of a true leader.

‘A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.’

He started by being a pastor in a church situated in Ohio. Those days showed him how important it is to lead people into knowing who they are and how to get where they need to be. It is the known fact that nowadays world lacks leaders. The leaders who will put the welfare of humanity above everything else are not many.

John Maxwell Source

John Maxwell defined his purpose as helping others to realize their potential and to afterwards own it. So if you need to shift your mindset from not being enough to being complete, you should definitely go check out his teachings.

Eric Thomas
When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful’ is the one message that made Eric Thomas so popular all over the world. He is highly creative and spreads energy and positive vibes whenever he speaks. As a side note, he is everywhere on Youtube, making everything more accessible.

Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas struggled in life from an early age, troubled by the absence of his biological father. He has even been left homeless. Despite these setbacks, he managed to obtain his PhD in 2015 in Education Administration.
From then on, he impacted the lives of all the people who needed to see beyond our modern society and to observe the cracks that went unnoticed for far too long.
He started his non-profit program, Break The Cycle, I Dare you, which helped young people and teachers alike to reach their potential and break free from the trauma they were holding on to.
There would be more to say about him, thus go ahead and discover it by yourself. You will certainly not be dissapointed!
Zig Ziglar
Zig Ziglar was an American author, who specialised in sales. His very first book, now a well known one, ‘See You At The Top’, was turned down exactly 39 times, being published only in 1975.
‘People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.’
He had a great sense of humour and great desire to help the people. And he did so. In holding motivational seminars and in his overall career and life , he managed to find success and happiness, he himself believing it to be a cliche of the American life, ‘the pursuit of happiness’.

Zig ZiglarSource

To sum up, there are a few takeaways from these careers of the most inspirational motivational speakers.

One is that personal experience is the most valuable and the principal catalyst to your success.

Two is that on your road to success, you should spread your knowledge to the ones who are only and barely starting.

And three is that happiness is a state of mind. Shift your energy towards the things that are really important!

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World Best Motivational Speakers You Should Listen To Today


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